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Sister Wives: Robyn Brown is ‘angry’ she’s the only wife with ‘fully functioning relationship’ with Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown says she’s “angry” that she’s the only one of Kody Brown’s wives who has a “fully functioning relationship” with him. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown said she feels “angry” that she is the only one who shares a “fully functioning relationship” with her husband, Kody Brown.

During the preview for part two of Sister Wives: One on One, host Sukanya Krishnan continues to hit hard on the topics Sister Wives viewers want answered.

Robyn Brown is an ‘easy target’ because she ‘gets along’ with Kody

When Sukanya sat down with Robyn during the second part of the tell-all, she asked Kody’s fourth wife, “Do you feel like you’re an easy target?”

Robyn wasted no time answering, “Oh yeah,” as she adamantly nodded her head up and down.

“I get along with Kody,” Robyn added with a chuckle.

Kody added, “There’s a sort of pecking order,” when he sat down for his time across the couch from Sukanya. “And Robyn’s like, ‘Why are you this way?'”

Sukanya then tells Robyn, “You really are the only one that’s having a fully functioning relationship with Kody. That must bother them.”

Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown is ‘angry’ she is the only wife with a ‘fully functioning’ relationship with Kody

Robyn then tearfully admitted, “It makes me angry,” before she broke down into tears in front of the camera.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Browns’ family dynamic has shifted, and the flaws in Kody’s marriages to his wives were exposed more than ever.

During part one of Sister Wives: One on One, Sukanya didn’t hold back. She flat-out told Kody that he was guilty of abandoning his wives, to which he took offense.

“Well, uh, abandoned?! Please! Take the word back because I take offense to that word of abandonment,” Kody angrily responded to Sukanya.

Most Sister Wives viewers would agree that Kody’s only “fully functioning relationship” is in his marriage to his fourth wife, Robyn.

Kody admitted that he and Meri only share a platonic friendship, and he has withheld sex and romance from her for over a decade.

Kody and Janelle’s marriage struggles came to a head during the pandemic. Janelle admitted that Kody’s strict pandemic rules for the family were the “biggest problem” they had in their marriage.

Sister Wives fans know that Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, has since left their plural marriage, but their problems were also showcased last season. After a few “rough” years in their marriage, Christine reached her breaking point when Kody revealed he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her.

Many Sister Wives viewers have long felt that Robyn joined the Brown family with the intention of becoming Kody’s only wife. After all, Robyn has been completely on board with Kody’s strict rules and, as he put it, has been the most loyal.

Part two of Sister Wives: One on One airs Sunday, February 6 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. Awe poor poor Robin! Getting sick of Kody 24/7 staying with her. Or is she worried Kody is shopping for three new wives much younger then her.Either way her master plan is trashed because Christine exposed Kody for who he really is. And the pandemic is their lies and excuse for the family’s demise. Good for them both it couldn’t happen to a better couple. Run Janelle and follow Christine who tells the truth and has saved her self and family. Live a healthy, happy life away from those two toxic liars and losers.

    • I agree . Robyn is playing a game . She wants Kody to herself and he probably sexually energizing her relationship with him to make other wives inferior. She had an evil aura around her soul ., watch out!!!

  2. Robyn is totally the problem. After she came into the picture, Kody wants nothing to do with the first three wives. I went back to the beginning and Kody was actually affectionate with his wives and kids. After Robyn, it’s only her. She said things like, oh do you want me to turn my head so you can kiss Meri, or do you want me to leave so you and Christine can try out your new bed at the store. She’s the only legally married one and she’s flexing for sure. The ugly cry from her is getting old. Typical pot stirrer.

  3. Kody is a control freak and always has been. His narcissism is beyond insanity. He can not control the women with him brain, so he controls them with his penis (of lack thereof) – because he has nothing else to use.

  4. Robyn Brown is an idiot like her husband! He is selfish, self-centered, and he lacks moral and spiritual compass. The fact that he does not understand how Meri felt after the divorce! I’m surprised that the others didn’t leave sooner!!!! To call the otherwise names is ridiculous they have done everything he’s ever wanted and just because they don’t mind him or obey him he’s not their boss God didn’t say that he was the boss over his wife but the Bible didn’t say take multiple wives either. The scripture that says be fruitful and multiply does it mean you take a bunch of wives and try to multiply your seed all over the earth he is truly an idiot!

    • Robin moved in a ready built family with money and good credit which she had neither once she got in she seems to have to much input on things where there before she cam shame on you for taking these ladies man and finances you came with to much baggage anyway I never did care for her

  5. He’s an ass! Meri gave up being married to him for Robyn. They turned on her and he pulled away from all the wives except Robyn and even worse he spends more time with and cares more for Robyn’s kids than his own kids! They are both losers! Thank God Kristine had the guts to walk away and be happy!

    • I totally agree. Robyn obeys Jody where Mary, Janelle and Christine are strong women whofed foor themselves. Jody should divide his time with all four wives.

  6. Let Robyn have his narcissistic ass. So proud of Christine and Janelle is about to make the best decision of her life and hopefully Meri will finally admit that she has moved on as well. This is what Robyn wanted from the get go, so quit whining that he is at your house too much. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Oh please, Robyn acts incense but she knows what she’s doing she wants to be the #1 wife and can sure turn on the tears when opportunity presents itself.

  8. Perhaps Robyn takes a look at all the probe/issues that developed once she joined the family. She tries to come across sweet and innocent. She’s torn the family apart.

  9. Meri is the only one who actually loves that little troll, she’s the only one I feel sorry for. Robyn thought she’d have it easy with 3 other wives and tried to just be his favorite. Well it worked, good luck with that, now he’s all yours as I’m glad Christine said nope and hoping janelle follows.

    • Robyn is really aging during all this and not well. Kody’s drama seems to have adverse effects on her. Now Meri seems to look happy and well rested. I’d say she’s better off w/o Kody and while she doesn’t want to leave the family, she should leave her loveless husband and get someone who does love and appreciate her

  10. Funny that Robyn and Cody have been married 10 years and apparently Meri and Cody have had not have “relations” for 10 years! Robyn’s ego is as big as Cody’s. 🤮And look at Robyn’s neck, what’s wrong with it?

  11. Whatever Robyn- I saw an episode where she said to Kody- “Well, I’M not married to three other women!” and in another episode- when Kody was going to the funeral with Genele- He had to promise Robyn to be at her house for Christmas. She came in and the house collapsed. Robyn you LIE and Fake CRY. WHO would marry Kody anyway- what a pompous ass. I want a man that takes care of me. Ladies- you have shorted yourselves for too long. You deserve someone to love you and not emotionally hold you hostage. Stupid- No way in HELL

  12. Robyn has ALWAYS come to her Sister wives’ defense. She can’t help it if Kody likes her the most. Quit blaming the wives and point your direction to Kody. He is 100% the head of those ladies and has failed miserably with the 3 older wives and even with Robyn because in the sense that he has failed the 3, she’s the last one standing and getting blamed for everything.

    Robyn is the Sweet one, Christine the Action one, Janelle the Smart One and Meri is the Pitiful one.
    Kody is the Loser, who has done a poor job of everythingbit seems.

    I’d be interested in seeing how the land gets divided up and how the money pours into the Sister Wives’ purses. No wonder Kody wanted his own piece of land, he abd Robyn will have 2 lots!


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