Sister Wives: Paedon Brown reveals he was robbed

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine Brown’s son Paedon was robbed recently. Pic credit: @paedonbrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown, son of Kody and Christine Brown, revealed that he was recently robbed.

Paedon, 23, has had plenty to say lately, especially since being more active on social media.

The former National Guard soldier has spilled the tea on his dad Kody Brown’s marriage to his fourth wife Robyn, and begged his dad not to add any more kids to their family, which already boasts 18 children.

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Now, Paedon has shared a personal experience that happened recently, and it wasn’t a pleasant one.

Paedon Brown reveals his cash was stolen at the gym

“I put all my stuff in the same gym bag and I put it in a locker and I go to the gym,” Paedon explained to his fans. “I go back to the locker room. I grab my bag, I get in my car. And it’s another day; there’s nothing special about this, except I picked up my wallet and it’s… empty.”

Paedon explained that it was “only” $100 in cash that was stolen from his wallet, so he was thankful it wasn’t worse, but he still was “annoyed” by the invasive ordeal.

“All my cash has been taken. Everything else is in there, so it could be a lot worse. I’m happy that not everything was gone, but I’m really annoyed. Cuz like, it was maybe a hundred bucks, but, it’s 100 bucks that was in my wallet. Gone. I’m kind of annoyed,” Paedon ended his video rant.

Many of Paedon’s TikTok followers showed empathy for him in the comments section of his video, which received nearly 4,000 Likes and over 200 comments.

Sister Wives viewers show support for Paedon

One wrote, “Gyms are the worst place for getting things stolen. Happened to me at my work gym.”

Another one of Paedon’s followers commented, “Some ppl will never learn to keep their hands off what isn’t theirs…sadly.”

paedon brown's tiktok followers commented on him being robbed at the gym
Pic credit: @paedonbrown/TikTok

Referencing the rising cost of gas, another commenter told Paedon, “That’s one tank of gas. It’s a lot.”

“I bet it was Robyn. Lol!” joked one Sister Wives viewer with their snarky comment.

Paedon has spoken about his relationship with Robyn in recent months. Speaking of his relationship with his dad’s fourth wife, Paedon said, “My relationship with Robyn has always been strange and weird. There are honestly so many reasons for that.”

Paedon’s explanation for his “strange and weird” relationship with Robyn had to do with the way he treated her kids.

“I was rude to her kids. I saw my dad doing things with them that he didn’t do with me,” Paedon shared. “And so, I ended up being rude to them, so she didn’t like me being rude to her kids.”

Paedon seemingly mocked Robyn earlier this year when he sported a t-shirt that read, “What. Does. The nanny. Do?”

Sister Wives viewers will remember last season when Kody and Robyn announced they had hired a nanny to help with their kids during the day. During a confessional, Paedon’s mom Christine Brown asked the question that would become the most-talked-about quote on the series.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. New episodes of Cooking with Just Christine air every Sunday on

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