Sister Wives: One on One spoiler: Kody Brown says he’s ‘not in sync’ with wife Janelle

Kody and Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown didn’t give a direct answer when asked whether he’s in love with Janelle. Pic credit: TLC

In this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives: One on One, Kody Brown couldn’t give a direct answer when asked whether he’s “in love” with his second wife, Janelle.

Kody Brown seems to be struggling in most of his marriages lately and during part two of the tell-all, he opened up about his relationship with Janelle.

Sister Wives: One on One host Sukanya Krishnan first talked to Christine Brown, who is now divorced from Kody, and asked her about Kody’s marriage to Janelle.

Sukanya noted that Janelle’s kids are older now and the dynamic of their marriage is changing, so she asked Christine if she thinks Janelle is happy with Kody.

Christine Brown opens up about Kody’s marriage to Janelle

“I asked her when we were on vacation together. I’m like, ‘So, what does it look like with you and Kody? Are you fine? Are you gonna stay?'”

Christine continued, “Cuz there’s been a lot of stuff and she goes, ‘I have always thought Kody was a great dad. I’ve always thought he was a great dad. And I know that he is still a great dad. We have things to work out, things like that.’ She goes, ‘But I’m not planning on leaving. I’m gonna stay.'”

Next, Kody sat across from Sukanya and answered some hard-hitting questions.

Sister Wives: One on One: Kody Brown tells Sukanya Krishnan he’s ‘not in sync’ with Janelle

“What is it about Janelle that helps you be in sync with her?” she asked the polygamous husband and father of 18.

Kody replied, “Um, we’re not in sync. We don’t partner really well but we actually are just able to have a marriage, if you will, that’s lower in attachment. I don’t even know. I mean, we’re good friends, we get along well… it’s more of a, like, committed relationship.”

Holding nothing back and wasting no time, Sukanya then asked Kody, “Are you in love with Janelle?”

“I love Janelle,” Kody said, matter-of-factly.

Once again, Sukanya asked, “Are you in love with Janelle?”

Kody paused for a few seconds before answering, “Janelle wouldn’t tell you she was in that place with me, either, if she was being honest.”

Janelle took her turn on the couch and told Sukanya, “Look, we have a long-term relationship. We’ve been together almost 30 years. He’s my best friend.”

However, Sukanya pointed out, “He’s still your husband and the emotional intimacy and the physical intimacy has to go hand in hand. Is that something that you’re all working on?”

Janelle tells Sukanya her marriage to Kody is ‘fine’

“We’re fine,” Janelle chimed in, before Sukanya could finish her question.

Although Sukanya continued to pry in an effort to reveal some details about Janelle and Kody’s intimacy level within their marriage, Janelle chose not to say much about the subject.

“Yeah, I mean, you know, we’re fine. Kody and I are fine. I’m not gonna share too much, but we’re fine,” Janelle said.

Christine added that she thinks Janelle is a “wicked awesome, strong woman” and said when it comes to Kody “filling her tank,” she thinks Janelle fills her “own damn tank.”

During Season 16, Janelle admitted to Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, that she had considered leaving Kody.

“I’ve caught myself in the last few weeks kind of reflecting and being like, ‘OK, look, do I still choose plural marriage?'” Janelle confessed. “I’ve had to really think – my children are almost grown and there’s not a huge necessity anymore to stay.”

“With Kody and I right now, our relationship is pretty strained and you know, it’d be really easy,” Janelle said. “It’s easy to walk away.”

Although Janelle maintains that she’s staying with Kody (which sounds a lot like her sister wife, Meri), Sister Wives are rooting for Janelle to follow in Christine’s footsteps and be the next of Kody’s wives to leave.

Part two of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, February 6 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

should rename this show “Kody and his BS”

2 years ago

I totally agree with you!

2 years ago

I love Janelle. She is a wonderful woman and real. She deserves only the best.

2 years ago

Apparently he prefers to be worshipped.