Sister Wives: Meri Brown under fire for ‘obscene’ B&B Real Life Retreat prices

Meri poses for a selfie from Mexico in September 2022
Sister Wives viewers think Meri’s B&B retreats are too expensive for what they include. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri Brown is offering Real Life Retreats at her bed and breakfast, and she’s under scrutiny from Sister Wives critics who say her prices are exorbitantly priced.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Meri first offered her Real Life Retreats last fall. At the time, there were two packages available, Standard and VIP. The Standard package cost $4,500 while the VIP package ranged between $6,000 and $6,400.

Meri’s critics felt her asking price for the retreats was over the top, given what was offered. Guests were treated to four days and three nights at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah. They enjoyed meals, activities, photo ops, group activities, and quality time spent with Meri herself.

Now, Meri is offering the retreats again, and this time has already sold out two packages. This year’s retreat will take place from February 16 through February 19, featuring a “weekend of self-love, new connections, rest & rejuvenation.”

There are three packages available this year, including the Supreme, which costs $4,000 and has sold out; the Elite, which is still available and runs $5,000; and the Elite Plus, which is also sold out and costs $6,000.

Meri’s packages include the same amenities and activities as last year’s but don’t include transportation to and from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Some Sister Wives viewers caught wind of Meri’s latest retreat packages online and took to Reddit, where most of them griped about the event, which they feel is overpriced.

Sister Wives critics bash Meri Brown’s ‘obscenely’ priced Real Life Retreat

A Redditor shared some screenshots from Meri’s website and captioned it, “Has Meri lost her damn mind! This is outrageous for a stay at her b&b!! And she won’t refund the money if you have to cancel!!”

“$6000 is obscene,” one of Meri’s critics commented in the thread, noting that a seven-day cruise costs thousands of dollars less than her retreat.

Another critic asked, “Who wants to spend that kind of money to eat lunchables with a sour puss?”

sister wives critics took to reddit to complain about meri brown's expensive real life retreats at her B&B
Pic credit: u/Christmasqueen19/Reddit

Others pointed out that for the same price Meri is charging to stay a few days at her B&B, they could vacation in a tropical getaway instead.

“For those prices I want an over water villa in Bora Bora! Not some room temp salami rolls in [Parowan] Utah!!” another critic groaned.

Some Sister Wives viewers felt that perhaps Meri’s retreat is a way to launder money or an attempt to “grab” money, with the uncertainty of the show looming.

meri brown's real life retreats packages per her lizzie's heritage inn website
Meri is offering three packages for her most recent Real Life Retreats. Pic credit:

Meri called her November 2022 Real Life Retreat a ‘huge success’

Last year, Meri shared some photos of the food spread at her retreat, and her critics were far from impressed. Among Meri’s fare for her guests were fruit and cheese trays, meat and veggies served in tinfoil containers, homemade quiche, and store-bought ice cream and toppings.

Despite the harsh criticism Meri received, she deemed her November 2022 retreat a “huge success.” Meri was joined by seven other women (aka super fans) for the retreat, engaging in hiking, biking, sound therapy, and group time.

As she reflected on her November retreat, Meri told her fans and followers, “Live your life with passion and joy! Remember, you’re worthy of having all you want in your life. You deserve it, and you’re worth it!”

Meri’s latest retreat offering begs the question, would you pay several thousand dollars to stay at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for a few days if it meant you got to spend some quality time with Meri?

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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