Sister Wives: Kody Brown thinks Janelle is only attracted to his looks and his money

Kody thinks his rockin’ bod and his loads of cash are what Janelle is after. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown is only with Kody Brown for his body and his money… according to him, anyway.

On Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, during a solo confessional, Kody proved that he doesn’t struggle with self-confidence.

After meeting up with Janelle to discuss the future of their broken marriage, Kody admitted that he doesn’t believe Janelle is in love with him and is only attracted to his physique and his bank account.

“So Janelle’s not in love with me. I think she thinks I’m hot,” Kody told TLC’s cameras during the episode.

And as far as Kody is concerned, he is pretty much God’s gift to women because he’s got an irresistible body.

“I got nice pecs and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in,” Kody boldly declared. (We’ll wait while you compose yourself after letting that sink in. And have a look-see at Kody’s pecs and six-pack below.)

season 14 sister wives kody brown stripped down to his underwear and jumped in the lake at coyote pass
Here is the physique that Kody says Janelle can’t resist. During Season 14 of Sister Wives, Kody gave viewers an eyeful when he dropped trou in the “lake” at Coyote Pass and showed off his “great pecs” and “six-pack abs.” Pic credit: Discovery+

But during her own solo confessional, Janelle admitted that Kody “missed the boat” and told cameras that there is way more to a relationship than physical attraction.

Janelle Brown said her and Kody’s marriage is in ‘big danger’

In fact, Janelle admitted that she and Kody were in “big danger” following their huge blowup in her Flagstaff apartment.

So much so that Janelle also admitted to Kody that she wanted to remain separated.

Last season on Sister Wives, we watched as Kody and Janelle shocked viewers as they told Sukanya Krishnan during the Tell All that they had separated.

We knew that Kody and Christine’s marriage was crumbling, and Kody and Meri’s relationship had been headed downhill for years. But it seemed that Kody and Janelle didn’t have enough drama between them to end their nearly 30-year spiritual marriage.

But that all changed when we watched their heated argument play out this season. Sister Wives viewers were shocked as they watched Janelle scream “F**k you!” to Kody, since she tends to be more reserved than Kody’s other wives/ex-wives.

Janelle proved she had enough of Kody’s shenanigans and laid into him, however.

The biggest hurdle Kody and Janelle faced in their marriage was the rift between their kids and Kody.

Kody’s over-the-top coronavirus pandemic protocols didn’t sit well with his family, especially his and Janelle’s kids. As far as we know, Kody still isn’t on speaking terms with his sons Garrison and Gabriel, and after his fight with Janelle, Kody began ignoring their daughter, Savanah, earning him the title “deadbeat dad” on social media.

Janelle revealed her financial ruin this season on Sister Wives

As Janelle revealed earlier this season, her split from Kody means that she’s been left with nothing financially. Unlike Robyn — who’s been living comfortably in a home she and Kody bought after moving to Flagstaff — Janelle has been forced out of a rental home, lived in an RV on Coyote Pass, and is now renting a small apartment in Flagstaff.

Janelle blamed being “tied up” in the property at Coyote Pass for the reason she’s left with nothing financially

In Episode 4, a tearful Janelle confessed, “So after I kind of got over the shock after Kody left, I thought, ‘Oh my heck. Like, I have nothing financially.’ I am tied up in this property, everything as far as my estate goes.”

“Any kind of savings, money, anything is tied up in this property,” Janelle added. “I am a smart woman, and I have done this very dumb thing.”

What is Janelle’s next step following her and Kody’s separation?

Janelle’s future remains uncertain following her split from Kody. She has mentioned that in their faith, a “release” from their marriage, as it’s called, must be granted by a church leader, so getting a divorce isn’t a simple process.

Janelle still believes that she shouldn’t leave a marriage just because things are getting tough.

But now that she’s technically single, has been left with no assets, and her youngest daughter, Savanah, has graduated from high school, what is keeping her in Flagstaff?

Christine wondered the same thing and even suggested that Janelle and Savanah join her and move back to Utah. But again, it’s not that simple.

“Well, maybe I’ll just move back to Utah because I could plug into a church or a religious community,” Janelle revealed. “But again, it’s that dichotomy – I’m so attached here in Flagstaff, so I just – I don’t know.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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5 months ago

Cody needs to get over himself. He is a very narcissistic person & thinks no one in his orbit can live without him.

3 months ago

If Kody thinks he’s so good looking (GAG), then why does he wear what little hair his has left like a little girl? As for his bank account, he doesn’t work, steals from his first 3 wives and Robyn is a deadbeat. Give it up moron.