Sister Wives: Kody Brown says Janelle Brown living in an RV is a ‘major inconvenience’ to his lifestyle

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown
Kody isn’t excited about living in an RV with Janelle. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is moving into an RV, but her husband, Kody Brown, isn’t thrilled about the idea.

Viewers watched as Janelle was forced out of her rental home when the owner listed it for sale, and she wasn’t interested in buying the fixer-upper property, something in which Kody didn’t see the urgency.

Instead, Janelle opted to purchase an RV sight unseen and park it on her property at Coyote Pass.

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In the Sunday, October 16 episode of Sister Wives, Kody expresses the “major inconvenience” Janelle’s RV will cause him.

Janelle invites Kody and her sister wives to visit the RV once it’s parked at Coyote Pass. Afterwards, they give their opinions on Janelle’s decision.

Meri compares the RV to the three-bedroom mobile home that she, Kody, Janelle, and Christine once shared, noting how cramped and stressful it can become. Christine is “nervous” for Janelle and notes that she doesn’t think Kody will like living in the RV at all, pointing out that he enjoys the comforts of a bigger house too much.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown calls Janelle’s choice to live in an RV a ‘major inconvenience’ to his lifestyle

Christine adds that she thinks it’ll be another excuse for Kody to hang out at Robyn’s house more often. For his part, Kody explained why he prefers to stay at Robyn’s house.

Sister Wives: Kody Calls Janelle's RV an 'Inconvenience' (Exclusive)

Kody says fourth wife Robyn ‘makes it convenient’ for him to live at her house

“Robyn makes it convenient for me to be there,” Kody admits. “She, um, you know, enforces my relationship, or reinforces, my relationship with my children.”

For her part, Robyn acknowledges the tension between Kody and Janelle over the last year and a half due to COVID-19 and wonders whether living in the RV together will bring them closer together or have the opposite effect.

Kody notes that sister wives often take it personally when their husband isn’t around as much as they’d like. Kody fears that if he isn’t around, Janelle will start to feel “marginalized.”

However, Kody notes, “But she made choices that are major inconveniences to me, to my lifestyle, because she wanted this RV.”

“Now there’s an inclination for me to go, ‘I’ve got hot water at Robyn’s house. Why am I going to sit here with you and suffer with your choices?'” Kody adds.

Kody tells cameras during his confessional that he’ll do his best to accommodate the choices that his second wife made but ultimately will make his own choices.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Melany B Beth Kramer
Melany B Beth Kramer
1 year ago

Kody is the major inconvenience in all of these relationships. He is self-centered and has gradually alienated 3 of his 4 wives. Actually, he has alienated Robyn too. Why should Robyn tell Christine to stay when she and Kody are no longer intimate? Why should Meri expect Christine to settle for a NOTHING relationship like Meri’s? Kody deserves to be alone. Let his “patriarchy” keep his company!