Sister Wives: Kody Brown hopes his daughter isn’t part of a ‘booty dance’ club

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

TLC shared a video clip from an upcoming episode of Sister Wives showing Kody Brown’s adopted daughter, Breanna excited to have made the school dance team. But all Kody is concerned with is that it’s “not just a booty dance club.”

In the video, Breanna and her sister, Aurora are seen coming in the front door of Robyn’s rental and greet the rest of the family. Kody is at Robyn’s house, with their son Solomon on his lap. Breanna’s older brother, Dayton is also in the room, sitting on the sofa.

Kody and Robyn’s daughter seems excited when she puts down her backpack, cheerfully says, “Hi, dad!”

Kody asks, “How was dance, Breanna?”

Breanna is proud to announce that she tried out for the dance team at school the day prior and she made the cut. Everyone cheers for her and tells her good job.

But Kody’s first comment to Breanna is, “I hope it’s not just a booty dance club.”

Robyn immediately interrupts Kody, confirming that it’s not a “booty dance club”, and that she’s looked into it.

The youngest Brown child, Ariella, who shares biological parents Kody and Robyn, isn’t seen in the clip. Between the two, Robyn and Kody share five children; he adopted Aurora, Dayton, and Breanna, her children from her previous marriage, and they share two biological children, Solomon and Ariella Mae.

Robyn goes on to explain to Kody that the dance club performs at school games and assemblies. Kody can’t seem to shake his mind from the mental image as he once again asks whether or not it’s “booty dance.”

Robyn is appalled when Breanna starts imitating a booty dance in front of the rest of the family

Breanna starts to imitate her version of a booty dance, but Robyn promptly shuts her down, telling her to stop, in a somewhat awkward moment.

Kody and Robyn are seated side by side on their confessional couch and the curly-haired husband of four talks about how Utah was very “wholesome” and awkwardly laughs when he mentions he wants things to be wholesome in Flagstaff.

Robyn assures him that Flagstaff encourages the values by which they try to live as a family.

Robyn and Breanna spend quite a bit of time trying to explain to Kody that the dance team is a sport, and doesn’t involve anything raunchy, on which he seems to be fixated.

Kody keeps a grin on his face while his son Solomon sits silently on his lap on a recliner. He says they’ve seen booty dance clubs before (but doesn’t elaborate on when or where) and that he doesn’t want to see his daughter in such a club.

Kody doesn’t seem convinced that this dance team is acceptable for Breanna to join

Robyn continues going to great lengths to tell Kody what he wants to hear, saying she’s done a lot of research, and that if it isn’t acceptable, she’ll pull Breanna from the team.

Finally, after drilling Breanna and Robyn for over two minutes, Kody finally says, “Awesome, congratulations on making the cut” while pointing in Breanna’s direction.

Robyn stresses in another confessional clip that they teach their kids to “be moral, to have high standards, to be conservative in their value system.”

Kody interjects, adding “conservative and modest in their dress.”

Robyn elaborates, distinguishing between “fun” dance teams, or ones where the dancers are “down on the floor with your butt in the air type of thing,” implying that the latter is inappropriate. Kody looks oddly delighted hearing Robyn describe what they consider to be inappropriate dancing.

Kody says he’s “just a dad protecting her from peer pressure if it goes that route”

Although Kody got explanations and reassurance from Breanna and her mom that the dance team was an acceptable activity, he still continues to question the idea, seemingly disapproving of it.

Robyn ends the clip by reiterating that Breanna can quit at any time, and seems convinced that Breanna would quit on her own accord if the dances became too inappropriate by her parents’ standards.

Maybe if viewers are lucky this season, they’ll get to see more of Kody dancing like no one’s watching.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.