Sister Wives: Kody Brown hopes Christine ‘gets her great day’ marrying David: ‘Good for them’

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Kody wished Christine and David well ahead of their October 2023 nuptials. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christine Brown didn’t get her dream wedding the day she married Kody Brown, but he’s hopeful she’ll finally get it on her wedding day with David Woolley.

This weekend, we watched Part 1 of Christine and David’s Sister Wives wedding special.

Christine and David brought their closest friends and family to Moab, Utah, for their special day as they prepared to tie the knot on October 7, 2023.

Although Kody and his wife, Robyn Brown, weren’t included in the festivities, TLC still filmed them and got their reaction and input to Christine getting married a second time after leaving Kody in 2021.

Kody admitted during a confessional that his and Christine’s wedding day was anything but spectacular.

My wedding to Christine was lackluster,” Kody told producers. “I had a 1,000-yard stare, and I had two other wives who weren’t really in the best of emotional condition.”

Kody Brown admits his and Christine’s wedding day ‘wasn’t a great’ one

Kody added that he felt like his first two wives, Janelle and Meri, weren’t close enough to Christine when she married Kody, making for an awkward wedding day.

“It wasn’t a great day,” Kody added.

As far as his feelings about Christine and David getting hitched? Kody told TLC’s cameras that he wished them the best and hoped their wedding day was more magical than his and Christine’s in 1994.

“I hope that Christine gets her great day with her wedding,” Kody said. “So if she’s doing something really wonderful, spectacular, and beautiful, and David’s diggin’ on her, good for them.”

Some may say that Kody’s well-wishes for Christine and David seemed insincere.

It’s hard to believe that Kody would wish Christine well after their very public and messy split.

Although it’s been three years since they went their separate ways, Kody still struggles to accept that Christine left him.

Then, it made matters worse when Janelle and Meri followed suit, leaving him with three ex-wives.

Now that Kody and Robyn have each other to themselves, it seems as though they should have no complaints.

But this Sister Wives two-part special isn’t about Kody and Robyn – it’s Christine and David’s special day we’re talking about here.

Part 1 of Christine and David’s Sister Wives wedding special was a tear-jerker

Part 1 showed us a giddy version of Christine, who was over the moon to celebrate her special day with all her loved ones before becoming Mrs. David Woolley.

Janelle gave a tearful speech during the pre-wedding boat ride, and Janelle and Kody’s daughter, Madison, burst into tears when she gushed over how much she loved David.

We have yet to watch Christine and David officially become husband and wife, but that’ll play out during Part 2, and we can’t wait!

Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding (Part 2) airs Sunday, January 14, at 10/9c on TLC.

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