Sister Wives: Kody Brown blames Janelle for marriage problems

Kody thinks Janelle is at fault for their marriage falling apart. Pic credit: Discovery+

Surprise, surprise… Kody Brown isn’t taking accountability for the problems in his and Janelle Brown’s marriage.

The Sister Wives star believes that Janelle is to blame for their marriage falling apart, not the fact that he has been spending all of his time with Robyn instead.

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody confessed that he is holding Janelle responsible for their distance.

“I feel like over the past 10 months, Janelle has really made it difficult for me to feel like I’m married to her anymore,” Kody said with conviction.

“It’s just she’s just constantly gone,” Kody continued.

During a car ride with Christine Brown, Janelle shared her side of the story, explaining that her interaction with Kody in recent months has been scarce.

Kody made a visit to see Janelle’s new apartment in Flagstaff, but other than that, she hadn’t heard from him. And their daughter, Savanah, hadn’t heard from her dad in about a month at that point.

Sister Wives confessional: Kody Brown doesn’t think he and Janelle can reconcile

The distance between Kody and Janelle had Kody skeptical about repairing their marriage.

“I don’t think we can reconcile, and I don’t disagree with her, but I sometimes feel like, are we just giving up too easy?” Kody shared.

Kody also admitted that he isn’t sure how to define his and Janelle’s marriage anymore.

For her part, Janelle didn’t seem too bothered that Kody wasn’t in her life much anymore.

While their marital status remained at a standstill, Kody was content spending all of his time with Robyn and their kids while Janelle was enjoying her newfound singlehood and living life on her own terms for a change.

Janelle has no regrets about marrying Kody despite the way it turned out

Despite the turmoil in their polygamous union, Janelle admitted that she has no regrets about marrying Kody and becoming his second wife.

In fact, Janelle confessed that there was “no doubt in her mind” that Kody was the man she was supposed to wed, and even admitted, “I know that I didn’t make a mistake in marrying him. I would do it all over again.”

Janelle has made it clear that she intends to remain separated from Kody, but a divorce in their plural marriage would involve much more than just calling it quits.

In their faith, although their marriage isn’t legally recognized, a church leader must grant their divorce before it’s considered official.

As Janelle explained in the latest episode of Sister Wives, this is why she’s been hesitant to permanently pull the plug on their 30-year union.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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