Sister Wives: Kody Brown announces he joined Cameo, fans react

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown is now on the Cameo app. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown announced he is now offering personalized videos for his fans on the Cameo app.

The 52-year-old father of 18 took to Instagram on Tuesday night in a rare post, telling his 92.8k followers that he joined the platform to give shout-outs to his fans.

Kody Brown joins Cameo, jokes about adding fifth wife

Kody included a photo of himself smiling, which looked to be professionally shot, and included the text, “I’m on Cameo,” which was written four times, as well as text that read, “Request me on Cameo,” and the link to his profile. His caption simply read, “Hey everybody! I’m on CAMEO!”

On Kody’s Cameo profile, which you can view here, he included a welcome video. He told his prospective customers, “Hey, everybody! Kody Brown here,” as he put up a peace sign with his right hand, “Welcome to Cameo. I’m finally on because I found a space that was quiet, without interruptions from children and noises in the house.”

Kody even cracked a joke about not adding a fifth wife to his family. He continued, “I’m willing to do a Cameo for you, something lovely for your friends, something special, something sweet, but no fifth wife requests. Anything else, I’m willing to play the game. Peace!” before giving another peace sign to the camera.

When it comes to taking a fifth wife, Sister Wives fans aren’t convinced that will happen, at least not any time soon. As one Sister Wives fan said on Reddit recently, “I don’t think he will take another wife since he has such contempt for the ones he already has. He has been whining more than ever about how he can never please anyone and how miserable he is with all of them.”

Kody joins wives Janelle and Christine on Cameo

For $60, Kody’s fans can request a personalized video from the TLC star, who earned 17 members in his Cameo Fan Club in 12 hours. Kody’s price is quite a bit higher than his two wives who are also on Cameo, Janelle and Christine.

Neither Meri nor Robyn have Cameo profiles, but Janelle and Christine, Kody’s second and third wives, both charge $35 for a personalized video. Entertainers set their own price on Cameo, so apparently, Kody believes his presence is valued at nearly twice that of Janelle and Christine’s.

Kody’s followers on Instagram weren’t exactly impressed by his latest social media venture and let him know it in his comments section.

kody brown on instagram
Kody Brown’s followers aren’t impressed. Pic credit: @kodywinnbrown/Instagram

Does the Sister Wives star think he’s worth more than his wives?

One of Kody’s followers pointed out the price difference between Kody’s Cameo and his wives’, Christine and Janelle. They wrote, “Who would pay $60!!! ? kody is $60 Janelle and Christine are $35 ?”

Another critic pointed out the price discrepancy and commented, “Charging almost double what he thinks his wives are worth? ? Hmmmm”

kody brown on instagram
Kody Brown’s followers aren’t feeling his Cameo debut. Pic credit: @kodywinnbrown/Instagram

Another one of Kody’s followers simply commented, “Go away Kody.”

“?nope?sorry?” wrote another critic.

One critic had a suggestion regarding Kody’s employment status and commented, “He should get a full time real job. Not just depend on TLC. He has a big family. I’m sure the extra income would help. ?”

Kody has been mostly silent on social media

Kody has been mostly silent on social media, especially after last season’s finale episode. In the season finale, Kody likely anticipated the backlash he would receive when he suggested his daughter Ysabel travel solo to New Jersey for her scoliosis surgery.

christine, janelle and kody brown on cameo
Christine, Janelle and Kody Brown on Cameo. Pic credit: Cameo

The Sister Wives star came out of his social media hibernation last month to defend himself against a critic who made remarks about Kody’s flawed logic regarding spreading COVID-19 amongst his family.

Many Sister Wives fans think that Kody has been laying low because he’s holed up with his fourth wife, Robyn, who some think is pregnant with Kody’s 19th child.

Kody Brown seems to enjoy the spotlight, so this is a new way for the reality TV star to interact with his fans until a new season of Sister Wives is (hopefully) announced.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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