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Sister Wives: Kody Brown admits he’s not talking to sons Garrison and Gabriel: ‘We need therapy’

Gabriel, Garrison, and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown revealed that he’s not on speaking terms with his sons Garrison and Gabriel during part two of the tell-all. Pic credit: TLC

In part two of Sister Wives: One on One, Kody Brown revealed that he’s not on speaking terms with his sons Garrison and Gabriel and said they “need therapy.”

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Kody and Janelle’s sons Garrison and Gabriel did not agree with their father’s strict rules for the family regarding COVID-19.

Gabriel voiced that his dad’s rules are “literally ruining the family” and Kody even suggested that Janelle kick out their other son, Garrison.

In a preview clip of the second installment of the Sister Wives tell-all, Kody revealed that he currently does not have a speaking relationship with two of his and Janelle’s sons.

Kody Brown reveals he’s ‘not talking’ to sons Garrison and Gabriel during Sister Wives: One on One

Sukanya voiced to Kody that his relationships with Garrison and Gabriel have been a “real touchpoint” and asked where they stand today.

“Not good,” Kody said with a sound of exasperation. “Not talking.”

When Sukanya asked him if he’s not talking to his sons at all, he explained, “Well, I am a little bit, like once in a while [we’ll] touch base, you know. But it’s a… um, it’s like one of those relationships where we gotta do a lot of work.”

Next, Sukanya had Kody watch a clip from Season 16 of Sister Wives in which he explains how he was the only family member going house to house. Kody was away from Janelle’s house for an extended period of time because Garrison and Gabriel had “more extended exposure” to the virus, due to their jobs and social lives.

Kody Brown expects his sons to follow his rules or move out, says they ‘need therapy’

“That’s it in a nutshell,” was Kody’s reaction to re-watching the scene. “I make rules, you guys abide by them, you know, that type of thing. And I understand that these two needed their social lives. I totally get it.”

“But in this case, COVID’s different,” Kody added. “It’s changed everything for everybody and they want it all to be the same and they need to realize that they should go and date that girlfriend – that’s fine – but you need to move out of the house so that I can be home. “

Kody guilt-tripped many of his wives and children to make choices they felt they shouldn’t have had to. Kody made Gabe choose between either seeing his dad or his girlfriend. Gabe ultimately chose to spend time with his girlfriend rather than Kody, a decision that Sister Wives viewers supported.

When asked whether he was “off course” with Gabe and Garrison, Kody answered, “Oh yeah. We need therapy.”

“Yeah, I need to sit down with my boys and get something straight because I, um, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened – we’re not communicating – and I think they are too.”

Part two of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, February 6 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. Kody is lazy. Does not know meaning of parenting. He sees the kids as each wives kids. When you kid needs you, whether a place to stay while he is saving up, or needs to be with his dad, or is having serious surgery…you BE there. All Kody can think about is himself.

  2. Kody ‘s an Idiot! His two sons got a wake up call and realize what a ass of a father they have. I’m glad they stood up to him. And from the looks of things he is not getting any sympathy from his other kids either. I don’t see any of them trying to make arrangements for a get together with him. I think they are more sick of him then the pandemic. He wasn’t a father to any of them when they were growing up so why act like a hand’s on father now. Besides his own wife’s (Robin) friend brought the covid to their house and he was hysterical. so no one to blame except her. Robin needed a nanny(for what reason with only two kids) so she could have time to plot and scheme to run Janelle and Meri out too. I see Kody’s glorious so called life crumbling before his eyes. And his sons helped.Get Mental Help Kody. I think your on your way to a nerves breakdown. And I don’t feel sorry for you either!

  3. They O N LY one that needs therapy is Kody! Although therapy never seems to make a difference to him. He had therapy with Meri, with Christine, and it made no difference! What Kody desides is what rules! Don’t send any of those kids to therapy with Kody! Kody will try to make their lives more miserable than he already has! Kody is just butthurt that Janelle’s two sons take her side over Kody’s! Janelle needs to follow in Christine’s footsteps and divorce Kody! Her children always come FIRST! Kody will just go out and find NEW wives who are younger than Robyn, and still want kids.Kody will continue to be the “sperm spitter” that he is. He can’t afford the 18 children he already has, the wives support their children, he won’t support the new kids either. Kody is lazy!

    • I think it’s probably a good thing that , that pathetic egotistical wanker hasn’t played a big part in the majority of those kids lives. Both Garrison and Gabe seem like lovely kids, all 9f the kids seem lovely ….( except perhaps Maraiah) but you have a look at Sobbins kids …whom Kooky kody is now basically their full time dad , and they’re all a bundle of nerve basket cases!

  4. I bet never in this egotistical maniacs life ( flashback all those years ago , him driving in his ‘convertible car, with his ‘mop’ blowing in the wind) GLOATING about polygamy and plural marriage and spitting out babies faster than any IVF clinic,that his ‘besotted’ wives and children would call him out on all of his bulls**t, actually stand up for themselves and walk !
    Hahaha ha, look who’s laughing now Kooky Kody!


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