Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Brown arrived late to Gwendlyn’s wedding, family asked ‘How dare you show up?’

Kody and Robyn Brown confessionals Season 15
Kody and Robyn showed up tardy to the party. Pic credit: Discovery+

Gwendlyn Brown recently tied the knot with Beatriz Queiroz, and although her dad, Sister Wives star Kody Brown, showed up with his wife Robyn, not everyone in the family was happy to see them.

As Monsters and Critics reported, it was suspected that Kody no-showed Gwendlyn’s special day when he wasn’t seen in any family photos.

However, Kody proved he was in attendance when he popped up in a photo shared days later by one of his ex-wives, Christine Brown.

Sister Wives fans were curious whether Robyn tagged along and if Kody interacted with Christine’s fiance, David Woolley, and now we’ve got some answers.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup caught a live YouTube video recorded by Gwendlyn earlier this week in which the Sister Wives star answered some questions from curious fans.

Gwendlyn confirmed that Kody and Robyn were, in fact, present for her nuptials, but they arrived two hours late to the festivities. That would explain why Kody and Robyn weren’t pictured in the earlier photos taken at the wedding.

Gwendlyn Brown says Kody and Robyn were late to her wedding and ‘just kind of hung out’

“My dad and Robyn were just kind of there,” Gwendlyn shared. “They showed up like two hours late and just kind of hung out.”

Kody and Robyn kept mostly to themselves during the affair, except for some interaction with Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, who is close to her dad and Robyn and still sees them regularly.

Kody and Robyn got stuck with babysitter duties, keeping an eye on Mykelti’s 8-month-old twin sons, Archer and Ace, per Gwendlyn.

As expected, however, not all of the Browns were as excited about Kody’s presence — Gwendlyn confirmed that “some people were mad that he was there” because they didn’t know that she had invited him.

Gwendlyn said most of the people who were unhappy about Kody’s arrival talked about the curly-haired former polygamist behind his back, but “a few people were like, ‘How dare you show up?’ But other than that, it was fine.”

Another burning question that Sister Wives viewers had was whether Kody and David ever came face-to-face during the soiree. According to Gwendlyn, the men have already met prior to her wedding, and she didn’t elaborate on whether there was any interaction between them during the ceremony.

Kody’s 11th-born child also revealed that her and Beatriz’s wedding will not appear on a future episode of Sister Wives, per their personal decision not to televise it.

Sister Wives fans are hoping to be introduced to David Woolley in Season 18

However, it looks like Sister Wives viewers will be presently surprised by another cameo appearance next season. David has been photographed with Christine with TLC cameras in the background, indicating he was present during filming for Season 18.

David has already proven that he’s comfortable in front of the cameras too. In the clip below, shared by TLC on Instagram, David joined Christine for a lighthearted segment in which they talked about the premiere of the new Barbie movie and their shared affection for Margot Robbie.

The trailer for Season 18 of Sister Wives already gave us a glimpse at the drama we can expect this season. Viewers watched Janelle scream, “F**k you!” at Kody during a heated argument, and Robyn bawl her eyes out over the thought of her polygamist dreams coming crashing down before her very eyes.

There’s less than one month until the Season 18 premiere, and Sister Wives fans can’t wait to watch Christine and David’s romance play out and see how Kody and Robyn are handling monogamous life.

Season 18 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, August 20 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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