Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown officially announce their separation

Kody and Meri Brown IG Dec 2020
Kody and Meri are officially over. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

It’s official: Sister Wives stars Kody, and Meri Brown are no longer together.

The exes, who were married for 33 years, made the announcement in a joint statement shared on both of their Instagram accounts.

Kody, 53, shared the news first, followed by Meri, 51, who included a detailed caption explaining their decision and asking her fans and critics to be considerate in their comments.

“Today I reclaim my power,” Meri began her lengthy caption before slamming the typically reputable source, People, for publishing what they call an “unapproved press release.”

“We feel compelled to share our own truth, in our own way, and in our own timing,” their statement read, continuing, “After more than a decade of working in our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship.”

Despite their split, Kody and Meri said they will remain committed to being kind and respectful towards each other, as well as the rest of their family. They also plan to continue to heal other relationships within the family in order to “move forward with forgiveness, grace, and love.”

Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri Brown officially announce their split

The statement was signed, “In kindness, Meri and Kody.” Kody didn’t elaborate with a caption, while Meri noted that People’s reporting was “inaccurate” and was based on “highly edited” versions of events from previous months.

Meri said that since the taping of the mentioned interviews, she and Kody have spoken and came to their decision together. Once again, Meri teased that there is “so much more” to the story.

Kody’s first wife noted that she is at peace with their decision and, in the meantime, urged her fans and followers to be kind and refrain from making rude or demeaning comments about her ex-husband. She also asked that her followers refrain from congratulating” her on her failed marriage.

“Step into kindness with me. Put positive energy out into the world,” Meri ended her caption, adding, “Worthy Up!”

kody brown officially announces split from meri brown on instagram
Pic credit: @kodywinnbrown/Instagram

Despite the media running rampant with rumors that Meri and Kody had ended their marriage in previous months, Meri never explicitly stated that she and Kody had ended their marriage.

During the Season 17 Tell All, Meri told host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan that Kody had made the decision to split on both of their behalf, claiming he had never said it to her before.

Sister Wives viewers slam Kody, support Meri

While Kody received mostly backlash in the comments section of his post, Meri’s announcement was mostly met with support from her followers.

One of Kody’s critics mocked his previous intro during Sister Wives, when he told audiences, “Love should be multiplied not divided,” and added, “well you have just divided your wives by 4 pal.”

Another critic told Kody that Meri is “best out of it and away” from him and the rest of the family.

sister wives viewers react to kody brown's split from meri brown on instagram
Pic credit: @kodywinnbrown/Instagram

“In the space of 18 months you’re down to one wife. Has to be a record,” wrote another critic, who told Kody he should feel ashamed of himself.

Meri’s supporters flooded the comments section of her post, with some telling her she makes every life she touches “better” with her inspirational strength.

sister wives viewers react to meri brown's announcement she split from kody brown on instagram
Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Others wished her a lifetime of happiness and shared how proud they are of her.

Kody is officially down three wives now, after Christine announced her split in November 2021, Janelle confirmed their separation during the Season 17 Tell All, and now after he and Meri announced their divorce to kick off 2023.

It seems as though Kody and Robyn’s plan has worked out in their favor after all — Kody has found true love with his fourth and favorite wife, and now they can live happily, monogamously ever after.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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