Sister Wives: Janelle gives tearful speech before Christine’s wedding: ‘Thank you for making me part of the deal’

janelle brown sister wives season 18 tell all confessional
Janelle was grateful to be included in Christine and David’s wedding day. Pic credit: Discovery+

Before Christine Brown married David Woolley, she clarified that Janelle Brown was part of the package deal.

During Part 1 of Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding, TLC’s cameras captured an emotional moment shared between Christine and Janelle.

Although Christine left Kody Brown and their once-polygamous marriage, she and her former sister wife, Janelle, have remained in touch and have become closer than ever.

In her eyes, however, Janelle isn’t Christine’s “former” or “ex” sister wife – she’s simply her sister wife.

During a pre-wedding boat ride with the guests, Janelle stood before everyone to make a heartfelt speech in front of Christine, David, and their loved ones.

Christine announced to the guests that if they wanted to make a speech, doing it during the boat ride was their opportunity since there wouldn’t be any speeches at the ceremony because Christine and David opted not to have a wedding party.

Janelle Brown offers to make a speech during Part 1 of Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding special

Janelle volunteered herself, much to the delight of everyone else, who cheered her on with applause as she approached the front of the boat.

Christine introduced Janelle to everyone, announcing, “This is my sister wife, Janelle,” eliciting more woo-ing and applause from the crowd.

As Janelle took the microphone, she told the crowd, “Okay, I’m not gonna cry.”

“This is a fairytale, and I’m so excited to be part of this with you,” Janelle said to Christine as she began to get choked up.

“And thank you for making me part of the deal… for loving my children and letting me love yours,” Janelle continued. “And I’m part of the deal, and I’m so grateful.”

Christine confirmed, “You are part of the deal. God love you,” as she approached Janelle, and they hugged.

Kody Brown is envious of Christine and Janelle’s blossoming sisterhood

Off camera, Christine and Janelle share a bond, too, in their professional lives. Not only did they bond over raising their combined 12 children, but they’ve since become ambassadors for Plexus and share an Instagram page, Secrets to Self Care.

Janelle has also bonded with David and has supported his and Christine’s relationship from the start, despite Kody Brown’s disapproval.

Kody admitted that Christine and Janelle’s bond made him jealous because in his eyes, they’re now behaving the way they “should have for 25 years now.”

Kody also referred to Christine and Janelle’s newfound friendship as a big “F U” to him.

“It’s like, ‘We’re going to get along now because this will really piss Kody off,'” Kody said of Christine and Janelle’s sisterhood.

Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding (Part 2) airs Sunday, January 14, at 10/9c on TLC.

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