Sister Wives: Janelle Brown shares the ’empowering’ step she’s taken for her self-care

Janelle Brown IG selfie August 2021
Janelle is serious about her health these days. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Since splitting from Kody Brown, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is relishing in her newfound empowerment.

Sister Wives viewers learned that Janelle and Kody split during the Season 17 Tell All.

Now that she’s a single woman again, Janelle is taking back her power and she’s exuding confidence like never before.

Janelle is currently in North Carolina as she awaits the birth of her and Kody’s granddaughter, as their daughter Madison is expecting her third child any day now.

Filming from her car following a workout, a fresh-faced and radiant-looking Janelle took some time to explain to her 967,000 Instagram followers that she recently hired a trainer – a first for the mom of six.

“You know, one thing I’ve been really grateful for as I travel more and more to Maddie’s is I find a gym that I can continue to work out in,” Janelle began.

Sister Wives fan-favorite Janelle Brown feels ’empowered’ after hiring a personal trainer

“So, you know… routine is good, especially when you’re traveling, doing something kind of normal, doing something kind of physical with your body,” she continued. “It’s empowering and it makes it feel like all is right with the world.”

Noting that she’ll be in North Carolina for a couple of weeks with Maddie, Janelle revealed that she hired a personal trainer for the first time.

Janelle said she needed the accountability to get her “butt” to the gym because it’s often an easier option to stay home with her grandchildren instead. But as Janelle put it, hiring a trainer was the “best move ever!”

In another video, this time filmed from inside Maddie’s home, Janelle enforced that it felt “empowering” to take a step for her self-care. Janelle reinforced that if she didn’t have her trainer to hold her accountable, she likely wouldn’t make it to the gym.

Janelle is dedicated to fitness and healthy living

Janelle is dedicated to health and wellness – as an IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach, she provides tools and resources for her clients via Strive.

The 53-year-old TLC star offers her clients “support, accountability and a listening ear, to help [them] achieve [their] wellness goals,” per her site.

Janelle often shares her workouts with her hundreds of thousands of social media followers. In a recent IG post, Janelle mentioned the word “empowerment” again in reference to her healthier lifestyle.

Janelle joined Christine and Meri in leaving Kody Brown

While it looks as though Janelle is focused solely on her health and her family since splitting from Kody, her former sister wife, Christine Brown, has done the same but is also dating.

Christine announced that she’s in an “exclusive relationship” with a new man following her split from Kody, as Monsters and Critics recently reported.

Meri followed in Christine and Janelle’s footsteps earlier this year when she announced that she and Kody had officially terminated their marriage after 33 years together.

Now that Christine, Janelle, and Meri are out of the picture, Robyn Brown is left as Kody’s last wife standing. Kody has been hinting for years that he’s unhappy with polygamy, and now that three of his wives have left him, he can try out a monogamous lifestyle once and for all.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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