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Sister Wives insider claims Kody Brown ‘body-shamed’ ex Christine Brown into losing weight

Kody Brown and his ex Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Allegedly Kody Brown drove his ex Christine Brown to lose weight by “body-shaming” her. Pic credit: TLC

A Sister Wives insider says Kody Brown’s “body-shaming” towards his ex, Christine Brown, pushed her to lose weight.

Christine Brown left Kody, her husband of 27 years, last week and made the announcement on her Instagram page following Kody’s statement.

Sister Wives fans have speculated that Christine had left Kody and moved to Utah and now we know their intuitions were right.

Christine and Kody’s (former) marriage was a rough one in recent years, and it has also faced its fair share of struggles.

One sensitive topic that recently came to light was Christine’s weight loss.

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown ‘body-shamed’ Christine Brown into losing weight, says source

According to a Brown family source, Kody’s constant remarks about his fourth wife, Robyn, losing her baby weight drove Christine to do something about hers.

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  1. He says he was turned off by her body and eating habits…well, I’m turned off by his stupid hair, his chauvinism, his whiny personality and his general lack of any redeeming or attractive qualities.

  2. Not shocked at all. This was a house of cards!! They all played!! They got paid to do it. What else do you expect? If you are doing this for the reasons they say they are l, then keep it private!! Don’t go making money off it by having a tv show. If it’s your religion.. then have some respect for it. Keep it private!! Or don’t do it at all. This show and many others similar are a circus. It’s all for $$$!!!


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