Sister Wives: Here’s why Gwendlyn skipped her mom Christine Brown’s wedding to David Woolley

Gwendlyn missed out on her mom’s wedding. Pic credit: Discovery+

Gwendlyn Brown wasn’t in attendance for her mom, Christine Brown’s wedding to David Woolley, and we have the answer why.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Christine married her soulmate, David Woolley, in a “fairytale” ceremony in Moab, Utah.

The outdoor occasion was filmed, seemingly for a future episode of Sister Wives or its own spinoff, and 330 of Christine and David’s friends and family members were there to celebrate their special day.

Not present, however, was Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Reportedly, Gwen’s absence had Christine feeling sad, according to Gwendlyn’s sister, Mykelti Brown Padron.

It’s understandable that Christine would have wanted Gwendlyn present for her wedding day, but according to Gwendlyn, she had more important things to tend to.

Gwendlyn, who still lives in Flagstaff, Arizona — a five-hour drive to Moab, Utah — revealed on her Patreon that she was simply too busy to be bothered attending her mom’s wedding.

Gwendlyn Brown cites being busy with school and her house as the reason she skipped out on her mom’s wedding

Per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Gwendlyn told her subscribers, “I was busy lol. Lots going on with school and my house.”

According to Gwendlyn, her organic chemistry class studies took precedence over her mom’s wedding.

Gwendlyn also noted that Christine was aware that she would be missing out and planned accordingly.

“She didn’t mind,” the 22-year-old added. “She took me off the guest list [as] soon as I told her.”

In addition, Gwendlyn told her fans that her absence wasn’t related to TLC camera crews being present, her feud with her brother, Paedon, or any type of rift between herself and her mom.

According to what Gwendlyn’s sister, Mykelti, told her own Patreon subscribers, the sisters were obviously not on the same page or in contact regarding their mom’s nuptials.

Mykelti claimed that she had no idea why Gwendlyn didn’t show up to the festivities, calling her younger sister’s absence a “shock” to her.

Although Gwendlyn opted not to attend Christine and David’s wedding, most of the rest of the Brown family’s children did.

Which Sister Wives stars attended Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding?

Christine uploaded photos on Instagram depicting which Brown family members made good on their RSVPs.

Christine’s former sister wife and BFF, Janelle Brown, was there, as well as most of the older kids: Mykelti, Aspyn, Leon, Ysabel, Hunter, Gabriel, Garrison, Logan, Paedon, Savanah, Madison, and Truely.

Madison’s husband, Caleb Brush, and their three children, Axel, Evie, and Joey, also flew out to Utah from North Carolina for the affair.

Along with Gwendlyn, there were several other Brown family members not surprisingly missing from the wedding, including Robyn and Kody and their kids, Aurora, Breanna, Dayton, Solomon, and Ariella.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Upppp yourrrs
Upppp yourrrs
7 months ago

It was rude and disrespectful. Especially when you just had a wedding and I’m sure nothing would have stoped Christine from going. But when you are 22 you aren’t too bright.