Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown reveals mom Christine Brown paid for her ‘insanely expensive’ breast reduction

Christine and Gwendlyn Brown IG selfies
Christine and Gwendlyn pose for Instagram selfies. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw and @gwendlynbrown/Instagram

Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, revealed that she underwent an “insanely expensive” breast reduction, and her mom, Christine, paid for it out of pocket.

Newly-engaged Gwendlyn has become more outspoken in recent months regarding her family’s brokenness, poking fun at her parents’ divorce.

In a recent Instagram Story, Gwendlyn shared some insight into her personal life when she disclosed that she recently underwent breast reduction surgery.

She first shared a post that read, “I have small boobs and it’s cute, ok?” and added her own text, which read, “me after my breast reduction,” along with a photo of herself, seemingly in the hospital after her procedure, wearing a hospital gown and face mask.

In a subsequent slide, Gwendlyn shared a note detailing her experience.

“So I got my breast reduction July 11, 2022 and I went from a size G breast to like C or something,” Gwendlyn began. She went on to explain that everything went well with the surgery but emphasized that insurance didn’t cover the procedure, something she said “pissed off” her mom, Christine.

Christine Brown paid for daughter Gwendlyn’s ‘insanely expensive’ breast reduction

According to Gwendlyn, Christine was told insurance would cover the surgery but called out UHC (presumably UnitedHealthcare in Utah), calling it “insanely expensive.”

Gwendlyn added that her surgery was medically necessary due to back pain and posture deterioration caused by the large size of her breasts. She noted that she couldn’t afford the surgery, as she struggled to make ends meet between paying rent and tuition, even with financial help from her parents.

gwendlyn brown's instagram story slide
Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown/Instagram

That’s when Gwendlyn revealed, “I’m always grateful that my mom paid for it. The surgery cost ~$8,000 if I remember correctly and I owe her forever.”

Gwendlyn didn’t mention whether Kody helped with the out-of-pocket cost of the surgery or not. But by the sound of it, Christine is doing well enough to have funded the $8,000 surgery herself, between her LuLaRoe and Plexus Worldwide incomes.

gwendlyn brown shares that her mom christine paid for her breast reduction in her Instagram stories
Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine raised $50,000 to pay for Ysabel’s surgery

This isn’t the first time Christine has come to one of her daughter’s rescues for medically necessary surgeries. In 2020, Christine announced she was raising money via LuLaRoe to cover the $50,000 cost of Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery.

Sister Wives viewers will remember when Kody refused to travel to New Jersey with Christine and Ysabel for her back surgery for fear of contracting COVID-19. Kody’s decision regarding the coronavirus pandemic was just one example of how his ultra-strict rules tore the family apart.

Kody’s uncompromising rules and his favoritism towards Robyn fueled Christine’s decision to leave him in November 2021.

These days, Kody is down three wives after Janelle and Meri followed in Christine’s footsteps. During the Season 17 Tell All, Janelle revealed that she and Kody are separated. Earlier this month, Meri and Kody made a joint statement, announcing they had terminated their spiritual marriage.

Kody’s relationships with many of his 18 children have also been strained since the pandemic’s start. Namely, his and Janelle’s sons, Garrison and Gabriel, aren’t speaking with their dad after they weren’t willing to abide by his COVID-19 protocols.

Gwendlyn has mentioned on her YouTube channel that she “tends to dislike” her dad, Kody, after watching recent episodes of Sister Wives.

Gwendlyn’s recent surgery begs the question, did Kody travel to the hospital to be with his daughter, or did he ditch her like he did Ysabel?

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.