Sister Wives finale spoiler: Kody Brown feels ‘relief from the burden of a loveless marriage’ to Christine

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown said during the Season 16 finale that he feels “relieved by the burden of a loveless marriage” to Christine. Pic credit: TLC

In this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown makes a shocking confession when he admits that he feels “relieved from the burden of a loveless marriage” to Christine Brown.

The Season 16 finale episode of Sister Wives shows viewers Kody Brown’s reaction to Christine packing up his belongings and stacking them in her garage.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine hit her breaking point and started moving Kody’s things out of her house as she prepared to leave him after more than two decades of spiritual marriage.

In the finale episode, Kody gives viewers more of a glimpse into his reaction to Christine packing him up and shipping him out.

Kody self-filmed from Christine’s garage as he continued to process what was happening in his marriage to Christine.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown claims he’s ‘not bothered’ by Christine packing up his belongings

“The idea of divorce seems tragic,” Kody admitted, surrounded by boxes filled to the brim with his belongings from Christine’s house.

“My belief system is kind of anti-divorce, I suppose,” the Brown family patriarch claimed. “I guess that’s hypocritical… but I’m not bothered by this.”

Kody wondered if it was just his initial reaction to feel unbothered about the situation as he continued to ponder his future with Christine.

Kody Brown says he feels ‘relief from the burden’ of a ‘loveless marriage’ to Christine

“The first thought I have is, ‘This is my house. This is my stuff. We never discussed this,'” Kody told the camera. “Second thought I have is… relief.”

Then, Kody made his shocking admission: “[I feel] some kind of relief from the burden and the woe of a loveless marriage.”

Kody then expressed his fear of “culpability” for his own actions and wondered what he might have “done wrong” to lead Christine to want to leave him.

“But I’m not talking about how I really feel,” Kody admitted, “Because I don’t know what that is right now.”

Earlier in the episode, Christine made it clear to Kody that her decision to kick him out of her bedroom was “final.” She admitted that she pondered how she would deal with Kody coming back to her house to pack up his things.

Christine surmised that Kody would be spending his time packing up his belongings during his time at her house rather than spending it with their kids.

“It is so heartbreaking to have his stuff everywhere and know that he doesn’t want me, he doesn’t love me,” Christine tearfully confessed during a self-filmed segment.

Christine broke down as she recounted her struggles with Kody and revealed why she felt compelled to pack up his things.

“I feel like I don’t have a choice but to throw his stuff out,” Christine admitted. “Cuz I can’t… it’s too heartbreaking to be around his stuff.”

Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the rest of the Season 16 finale and stay tuned for an air date for a Sister Wives Tell-All special!

The Season 16 finale episode of Sister Wives airs on Sunday, January 23 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.