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Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown threw shade at Christine Brown’s cooking show — see the video

Christine and Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown insulted her former sister wife Christine Brown with a dig at her new cooking show. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown made a comment during a live video that Sister Wives fans believe was a shot at her former sister wife, Christine Brown’s new cooking show.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine snagged her own cooking show spinoff last month, Cooking with Just Christine. Episodes air every Sunday on where Christine shares her favorite recipes with viewers as she cooks with family members.

Meri hosts Fridays with Friends on Instagram where she and her best friend Jenn Sullivan interact with fans, talk about their recent experiences, and joke about everything – except for Sister Wives or Meri’s estranged marriage to Kody Brown, which Meri has made clear is completely off the table for discussion.

Meri Brown seemingly mocks Christine Brown’s cooking show in live video

During her video this Friday, Meri joined Jenn at her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, where they filmed from the kitchen while Jenn whipped up some goodies.

One Sister Wives fan shared a snippet of the video on TikTok after they noticed a remark Meri made, seemingly aimed at Christine’s new cooking show.

They captioned the video, “this is why I stopped clicking on Meris live streams on Fridays. #jealous #hater #teamCHRISTINE.”


#duet with @picklepieinthesky this is why I stopped clicking on Meris live streams on Fridays. #jealous #hater #teamCHRISTINE #Sisterwives #sisterwivesclub #sisterwivestiktok

♬ original sound – Dawn Shepherd- Yost

In the video, Meri tells the camera, “You guys, it’s a cooking show today. We know that you want the cooking show with just Jenn,” before erupting into laughter.

Sister Wives viewers bash Meri for being a ‘mean girl’

Sister Wives fans felt Meri’s comment was a direct shot at Christine, whose cooking show is called Cooking with Just Christine. They took to the comments on the post to sound off.

“[Jealousy] never suited her,” wrote one Sister Wives viewer.

Another commented and felt that Meri was being mean. They wrote, “I understand why Janelle and her had it so rough in the beginning. Meri is a straight up mean girl.”

sister wives fans think meri threw shade at christine in a recent IG video shared to TikTok
Pic credit: @daniellethescrealtor/TikTok

“Meri is projecting,” voiced another of Meri’s critic. “Christine embodies everything she isn’t currently capable of: knowing your self-worth, being strong, and gracefully moving on.”

sister wives fans sound off  on tiktok after meri seemingly threw shade at christine on IG
Pic credit: @daniellethescrealtor/TikTok

Another one of Meri’s critics felt she is a “mean girl” who isn’t trustworthy: “Meri is her own worst enemy… this kind of meanness will ruin lots of relationships! Ppl don’t trust the mean girl!”

“She’s mad cause she couldn’t do what Christine did,” wrote another Sister Wives fan who felt Meri was jealous of Christine’s cooking show.

Although Meri might have exhibited some behavior that came across as jealous and mean to Sister Wives fans, Christine did find support in her former sister wife, Janelle Brown when it comes to her new cooking show spinoff. And from the looks of her social media posts, Christine is living her best life without Meri and Kody in it.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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  1. Jealous much Meri! Could it be your not the strong smart woman Christine is. Go find some glue and stick to Kody’s ass. No wonder he can’t stand you and Janelle too. Worried Christine will find a real man and your obsessed with clown Kody. Never liked her and she is such a liar and a warn out rug Kody steps on. Christine is beautiful, thriving, and living her life her way. You on the other hand amount to nothing and your a waste of time and film on the show. If you haven’t found a man since Kody married Robin that says volumes about you. Team Christine all the way. Disappear Meri your not interesting or fun to watch and frankly your are aging really bad. That shows the effect of how Kody is treating you. You are the sucker of the show and no example for women to look up too.

  2. Christine had enough self respect to walk away and not be a door mat. Meri has hung onto a man who doesn’t want her for 10 years. So why are you laughing at anyone

  3. I think it is a form of mental illness that Meri continues to stay with Kody when they haven’t had a sexual relationship in over 10 years. Perhaps she is trying to tear down Christine in the hope that Kody will see it as being on his side. Sick and sad, all around. The whole dynamic is sick and twisted and doesn’t resemble any type of relationship that God wants for anyone. I’m glad Christine has left it and I hope she accepts Jesus and leaves the whole relationship behind her. Meri, Janelle and Robyn are fools, catering to a narcissistic man.🤮

    • Totally agree, sure seems like Meri’s joke was trying to win brownie points for Kody and Robyn team. She used to say …
      ” it’s for the kid’s, that comment completely shows Christine’s Children how Meri Does not care how Christine got treated by Kody and Robyn , nor how the kids got treated, Robyn’s kids are spoiled by Kody & Robyn. Meri has chosen Sticking with Her beloved narcissist Kody, that’s fine, but you don’t have to be petty about Christine making a living on her own, raising her youngest Alone, and I’m pretty sure Christine gets no $ from Kody in Child support or family $ … maybe Meri should be more happy about Christine’s sacrifices she made to please and appease the Brown family all those 25+ years!! I used to love Meri, but petty comments against a previous sister wife who supported Meri, Janelle, Kody,Robyn and al the kid’s to the best of her ability, is just low blow! You go ahead a make your $ Meri and give some to the family $ pot for Queen Robyn’s kid’s and Husband Kody ~~Jealously is so dominant in the Brown family 😔

  4. Christine is living her best life! Of course Meri is jealous. But she is probably very envious of her too! She walked away from that whole toxic situation and knew her self worth was much more important! She has excelled from there. I’m super excited for her💜

  5. Meri is a sad, desperate woman who feels threatened by strong, independent women like Christine. Kody openly despises her and I don’t even think Mariah has a lot of respect for her. She is best ignored.


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