Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is a ‘narcissist’ who ‘cannot truly love’

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans are calling Kody Brown a narcissist. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is being called a narcissist by fans of the show who are questioning his treatment of his wives and children.

Kody has been sharing his life with TV audiences for 11 years and viewers have gotten a good look inside his polygamist family’s dynamic.

The 52-year-old TLC star has four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — and between the five of them, they share 18 children.

Kody’s demeanor has changed on Sister Wives

Over the last few seasons, fans of the show have seen a different side of the Browns, especially Kody.

This season on Sister Wives, Kody became unabashedly open about his growing disinterest in plural marriage and often complained about his wives.

Fans of the show have taken notice of Kody’s change in demeanor and seem to think that he is a narcissist who can’t have a real relationship.

One Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to create a thread titled, “Kody is incapable of love” and other fans of the show agreed and spoke out.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Is Kody Brown incapable of love? Sister Wives fans think so. Pic credit: u/polishing_bones/Reddit

“He cannot truly love, because he’s a raging narcissist. His only concern is how many little blonde clones he can con women into carrying and raising for him. To him, the children are all just funny objects on which his narcissistic projections can land,” wrote the Reddit post’s author.

The Reddit user also added that Kody seems to lose interest in his wives once they’re done bearing children and become “inconveniences” to him. “It’s no coincidence that his marriages seem to fall apart right as his wives stop being his incubators and just become people who are inconvenient to him (‘an obstacle to my own goals’),” commented the fan.

Kody admitted that his family is an ‘obstacle to his own goals’

Kody said himself this season that his family was an “obstacle to his own goals.” He told his wives, “Honestly, I’m at a point now where I see the family, in many ways, as an obstacle to, to my own goals,” and said of his wives, “I’ve seen these women treat each other so s****y for so many years that I can’t take it anymore.”

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is a narcissist. Pic credit: u/polishing_bones/Reddit

Other Sister Wives fans commented on the Reddit thread, and agreed that Kody is a narcissist.

Does Kody lack empathy?

“I agree. His narcissism is on a pathological level, IMO. He seems to see others as objects that serve purely to reflect what he sees as power back at himself,” wrote another commenter who added, “He has an astounding lack of empathy. I’m still struck by how he failed to even fake a vague interest in his [Ysabel’s] pain.”

Fans sounded off after the season finale episode, when Kody and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel, needed back surgery for her scoliosis. Kody refused to travel with Ysabel and suggested she travel alone from Arizona to New Jersey for her operation.

“I agree on the narcissism 1000%!! He is creepy and not even good looking,” said another Sister Wives fan.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is all about himself. Pic credit: u/polishing_bones/Reddit

Another fan of the show agreed that Kody only thinks about his own needs and uses his own family to get what he wants.

“Absolutely true. His feelings about his wives and children are solely what they can do for him. When the kids grow up and see him with clarity, he’s out. He churns through people like a conveyor belt. It’s hideous,” the fan wrote.

Sister Wives fans aren’t necessarily fond of Kody

Kody hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite on the show, especially after this season highlighted his treatment of his family.

Kody admitted that he has an estranged marriage with his first wife, Meri, and rejected her attempts at flirting while they celebrated their “non-anniversary.”

Except for one family member, Kody got snubbed on Father’s Day after being a no-show for his kids’ birthdays and special occasions. Perhaps it’s not just fans who feel as though Kody has acted selfishly.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.