Sister Wives fans slam Meri Brown’s pricey VIP retreats at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

Meri Brown poses for an IG selfie
Meri is offering “Real Life Retreats” at her B&B and her critics think they’re overpriced. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri Brown recently revealed that she’s offering “Real Life Retreats” at her B&B, and Sister Wives critics think she’s overcharging her clients.

Longtime Sister Wives viewers likely remember during Season 12 when Meri presented her idea to purchase her family’s 1820-built home and turn it into a B&B.

In 2017, Meri purchased the Parowan, Utah property and named it Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Although Meri spends most of her time in Flagstaff in her million-dollar mansion, she splits her time between Arizona and Utah to manage and upkeep the inn since her mom, Bonnie, the former innkeeper, died in 2021.

Recently on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s website, Meri announced that she’ll be accepting applications for super fans who are interested in spending more time with her between November 17-20, 2022.

For four days and three nights, chosen applicants will enjoy accommodations in southern Utah where they will enjoy three meals, two to five “daily activities,” morning mindfulness and “fire-pit hangs” in the evenings, goodie bags, transportation, photos, connecting with friends, and time to bond with Meri herself.

Meri Brown offering ‘Real Life Retreats’ at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

meri brown's retreat prices from
Meri’s posted prices for her B&B retreats. Pic credit:

For the standard accommodations, Meri’s chosen guests will pay $4500, and for a VIP experience, with a price tag of $6000-6400, guests can add a private or shared room at the inn, extra time, and activities with Meri, and “surprises.”

Upon hearing word of Meri’s offer, Sister Wives fans took to Reddit, where they discussed the rates, which they described as “pricey.”

Sister Wives critics slam Meri’s ‘pricey’ VIP stays at her B&B

“6 grand for 5 days in Southern Utah? Nightly fire pit hang because there is nothing else to do. Hard pass,” wrote one Sister Wives fan who felt Meri is overcharging her applicants.

redditors comment on meri brown's pricey retreat stays at her b&b
Pic credit: u/mummydal/Reddit

Another one of Meri’s critics felt that she needed to drop a zero from the asking price and called the amount “a f**k ton of money just to hang out with someone on Sister Wives for a very unclear amount of time.”

Noting that Meri’s clients could snag themselves a stay in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort for the same price, another critic called Meri “out of her mind.”

“Chile she acting like she’s Adele with these prices,” penned another disgruntled Redditor.

Speaking of Meri’s B&B, Sister Wives viewers watched during the October 9 episode as her estranged husband, Kody Brown, suggested she move there alone after the passing of her mother. Kody’s suggestion shocked Meri, who told cameras that it “didn’t make sense.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9 on TLC and Discovery+.

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Sharlene Smith
Sharlene Smith
7 months ago

She better come way down on her B&B prices or she want make it. I wouldn’t pay that price , especially for no more that what is offered. Good luck.

7 months ago

Why would anyone pay these ridiculous prices to a women who doesn’t even value herself!

Neumann Julie
Neumann Julie
7 months ago

Oh, lord! Who does she think she is that people would pay that ridiculous amount to see her whine!!