Sister Wives fans react to Christine Brown marrying David Woolley and not everyone is happy for her

Christine received some harsh criticism. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christine Brown is a happy newlywed, but not everyone supports her getting married so soon after divorcing Kody Brown.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine married David Woolley over the weekend in a beautiful ceremony in Utah, officially becoming Mrs. Woolley.

Roughly two years after leaving Kody and polygamy behind for good, Christine walked down the aisle with David, and she couldn’t be happier.

Kody and Christine’s marriage was purely spiritual, so her marriage to David marks the first legal commitment for the Sister Wives star, and it’s David’s second after he lost his wife to suicide in 2012.

While the 51-year-old TLC star was met with plenty of support from Sister Wives viewers, there were some, however, who felt she rushed into her second marriage.

TLC announced the happy news on their official Instagram this weekend, uploading a video of Christine in her wedding gown shortly after tying the knot with David.

Christine gushed over her groom as she twirled around in her wedding gown, proclaiming her love for David as the newlyweds exclaimed in unison, “We’re married!” from the location of their outdoor Utah nuptials.

In just several hours, more than 34,000 Sister Wives fans liked the post, and in the comments section, many of them expressed their happiness for the Sister Wives star and her new husband.

But there were quite a few skeptics who voiced their disdain in the comments, too.

Sister Wives critics think Christine Brown rushed into her marriage with David Woolley

One such naysayer commented that it was “too soon” for Christine to tie the knot for a second time, while another pointed out that Christine married the first guy she dated after splitting from Kody.

“Ohhhh that was super fast,” wrote another critic.

sister wives critics comment on christine brown getting married on instagram
Critics expressed their distaste toward Christine and David’s marriage. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

“Isn’t that little soon to get married?” asked another Sister Wives viewer.

One disparager called Christine “hard up for a man” and commented that she is “desperate for a man in her bed!”

“I give it 7 years max,” wrote a pessimistic commenter. “Once she realizes she won’t be the center of world she will be unhappy with him.”

sister wives critics comment on christine brown getting married on instagram
Christine’s critics continued to sound off. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Another one of Christine’s critics used vomiting emojis to express their dissent.

Kody Brown is likely punching the air following the news of Christine and David’s wedding

While we likely won’t hear anything from him, we’re certain that somewhere, Kody Brown is expressing his condescension, too. When news broke of Christine and David’s engagement, Kody reportedly felt it was “staged.”

Obviously, Kody wasn’t happy about Christine moving on with another man and even speculated that any man Christine dated would take all of his money and cause him to “lose access” to his and Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely.

Then, when Christine began dating David, Kody evidently felt “triggered” seeing photos of David and Truely spending time together.

But like it or not, Kody and Christine’s kids have a new stepdad in their lives, and there’s no turning back now.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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9 months ago

I really never carried that much for Christina, I thought she was overly dramatic. But that aside Kody has treated all of them with exception of Robyn like a step wife…Meri deserves so much more for all she’s given up…He had four wives working one or two online businesses and pooling all their money to support his lifestyle….When Robyn came on the scene Kody most definitely began playing favorites, he adopted her children which was great but then he and Robyn started having kids….when her children were born the sister wives welcomed them but it seemed like Kody was over protective…It seemed Robyn had the best home that she was allowed to buy Meri realized she had to take care of herself because Kody wasn’t. He fought Jannell with everything she ever tried to do and I get her frustration and I think Kody is getting everything he deserves….If Robyn want to live a plural lifestyle I suggest she start looking for some sister wives….JMO But can’t wait until Meri, and Jannell find a new husband…They deserves someone that will love them and put them and their children first!!!!