Sister Wives fans predict Kody and Robyn Brown are planning a monogamous wedding ceremony — Here’s why

Robyn is the love of Kody’s life, so is he going to reaffirm that in a monogamous ceremony? Pic credit: Discovery+

Are Kody and Robyn Brown secretly planning to renew their vows in a recommitment ceremony?

Sister Wives viewers seem to think so, and we’ve gathered all of the evidence that seems to point in that direction.

Kody recently complained that he and his fourth, now-sole wife, Robyn, have never been “allowed” to expose their love for each other, but it’s possible that’s about to change.

It appears that Kody and Robyn may indeed have something up their sleeves.

Some Sister Wives fans discussed the possibility on Reddit in a post titled “Narc vow renewal.”

The author noted that Kody and Robyn’s new expensive gold rings, along with Christine Brown’s recent wedding to David Woolley, likely prompted Kody and Robyn to start planning a vow renewal ceremony.

redditors discuss kody and brown renewing their vows
Sister Wives fans are convinced that Kody and Robyn will be reaffirming their love for each other soon. Pic credit: u/Sea-Extreme-1004/Reddit

They deduced that Kody was incapable of allowing Christine to steal the spotlight with her new romance and now wants to rival it with his and Robyn’s monogamous love story of their own.

Sister Wives fans surmise that Kody and Robyn Brown have been planning a recommitment ceremony

“Mark my words…incoming wedding in 3,2,1,” they wrote.

Other Sister Wives viewers chimed in, and many agreed that the TLC stars could very well be keeping a recommitment ceremony under wraps.

“You’re on to something. Robyn was wearing a different wedding ring in last week’s [episode],” wrote one Redditor, implying that Robyn and Kody invested in some matching wedding jewelry to signify their love for each other.

sister wives viewers comment on reddit about kody and robyn brown's vow renewal
Other Sister Wives viewers weighed in on a possible vow renewal ceremony. Pic credit: u/Sea-Extreme-1004/Reddit

Another Sister Wives fan concurred, commenting, “Right, I could see them doing this to rewrite their story for tv. When I saw their rings my first thought was that they had a private renewal already!”

“You are absolutely correct though, that wedding is currently being planned, no question about it,” expressed another Redditor in agreement.

Kody and Robyn fueled the fire in a recent Cameo

To further add to the rumors, a TikTok shared by @mrskickstandreal, seen below, hints that Kody and Robyn may have already gone through with their ceremony, and it might even be featured in a future episode of Sister Wives.

In the Cameo video, Kody tells his and Robyn’s recipient that they waited to film the Cameo until they got home after filming a “special scene together today.”

Kody and Robyn’s vow renewal would technically be their third wedding ceremony

Kody and Robyn’s first wedding took place in 2010 and was strictly spiritual. That’s because, at the time, Kody was also married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown.

Husbands are only legally allowed one wife, and at the time, that was Meri.

But, in 2014, Meri legally divorced Kody, allowing him to legally wed Robyn so that he could adopt her three children from her previous marriage to David Jessop.

Ever since then, Robyn has been Kody’s sole legal wife — and as we’ve watched unfold, Robyn is Kody’s only wife, period.

Kody slowly but surely pushed away his other three wives – Meri, Janelle, and Christine – over the years, leaving him in a monogamous marriage with Robyn.

And although Robyn has repeatedly claimed that monogamy was never her goal, many Sister Wives viewers would argue otherwise.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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