Sister Wives fans blame Robyn Brown for the family ‘crumbling’

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Is Robyn Brown to blame for the Brown family crumbling? Sister Wives viewers think so. Pic credit: TLC

With Season 16 of Sister Wives just around the corner, viewers are blaming Robyn Brown for the family falling apart.

The latest preview for Season 16 of Sister Wives gives some insight into what this season holds for viewers.

Picking up where last season left off, Kody and his four wives will still be living separately this season and have trouble coming to a mutual agreement about their living situation.

Sister Wives Season 16 preview

Sister Wives fans took to Instagram to watch TLC’s preview for Season 16.

As Kody was shown standing at the top of a hill on Coyote Pass, Robyn said in a voiceover, “Kody is in a really bad place.”

In the next scene, Christine stormed off and told Kody, “I’m not going to talk to you,” as they sat at Coyote Pass to have a discussion.

“I want to move back to Utah,” Christine said during a solo confessional.

“You guys give me the property, and you can move,” Janelle was seen saying to an undisclosed spouse.

Robyn cried during a solo confessional and, while wiping away tears, told the camera, “Our family is crumbling.”

Sister Wives fans think Robyn is to blame for family ‘crumbling’

Robyn has garnered disdain from many Sister Wives fans, who feel that she entered the family to become Kody’s only wife while playing the victim.

Sister Wives fans watched the clip, and unsurprisingly, most of them felt that Robyn was the reason behind the family falling apart.

One Sister Wives fan believed that Robyn played a major role in the family “crumbling.” Their comment read, “”Our family is crumbling” – Cryn Robyn Like she didnt have a big hand in it! Smh ?”

Another viewer blamed Robyn for the family’s collapse, “Robin acting like she wasn’t the catalyst to all of this nonsense….??”

sister wives fans commented about robyn brown on tlc's Instagram post
Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

“Christine finally got the confidence to leave and just wait, Robyn is gonna make it all about her and how sad she is and blah blah blah,” wrote @tina.reads.

Even more Sister Wives viewers blamed Robyn. “Err newsflash for sobbin Robyn.. You’re the reason ?,” commented another fan of the show.

Mocking that Robyn was happy the family is falling apart so that she could become Kody’s only wife, another commenter wrote, “Tears of joy from Robyn!”

It won’t be shown on Sister Wives quite yet, but Christine recently left Kody, leaving the family’s future in question.

The Browns still own all of their parcels of land at Coyote Pass but have yet to break ground there. Kody has pushed for his family to live under one roof, but the idea got continually shot down by Christine.

Now that Christine has moved on, perhaps the rest of the family will live under one roof again after all.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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bonnie Keesler
bonnie Keesler
1 year ago

Just as soon as Robyn came onto the family, there was nothing but problems. I truly believe that her plan from the beginning was to be Cody’s only wife.

1 year ago

Personally, I don’t get why any of them think he’s a winner!!!! He’s arrogant, narcissistic, and i’ve never seen anyone more determined to not show he’s going bald!!! Don’t get it!!!!

1 year ago

Robyn’s the boss not Kody. She has manipulated his thinking while telling him he is in charge.