Sister Wives fans bash Christine’s daughter Mykelti for cutting Meri out of her life: ‘Makes you look dumb’

Mykelti is under attack from Sister Wives fans who dislike the way she’s treated Meri. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christine Brown recently gushed over her daughter, Mykelti, but was met with some criticism over it.

Some Sister Wives viewers aren’t happy that Christine is boasting about Mykelti because of the way she’s treated her other mom, Meri Brown.

Mykelti has been vocal about the fact that she has written off Meri, and for that, her critics are speaking up.

Christine uploaded a carousel of photos on Instagram, including herself and Mykelti’s three kids: Avalon, Ace, and Archer, whom she shares with her husband, Tony Padron.

Christine looked smitten as she snuggled with her grandkids, and in the caption, wrote, “I absolutely adore living close to @mykeltip.”

“I also LOVE what an amazing Mom she is!! She really is the most thoughtful, kind and forgiving person I know. I am blessed to be her mom!” Christine added, along with the hashtags #oma, #blessedmom, #band #shesfreakingamazing.

Many of Christine’s 1.3 million Instagram followers liked her post and gushed over Christine filling her role as a grandma.

However, there were quite a few critics who weren’t happstine was singing Myi’s praises, especially because of the way she has treated Meri.

Sister Wives viewhowe aim at Christine and Kody’s daughter Mykelti for how she’s treated Meri

“She’s all those things, but the forgiving,” penned one of Mykelti’s naysayers. “Just saying she seems to hold something against [Meri] and over exaggerates on her as well from what i can see.”

Another Instagram user accused Christine and her fans of doing “damage control” over Mykelti, adding, “If the more people say she is wonderful then the world will believe it.”

christine brown's instagram followers comment on her daughter mykelti's behavior
Christine and Mykelti came under fire from Sister Wives viewers. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

One of Meri’s fans commented that she was a victim of Kody and polygamy, adding that she deserves grace from Christine and Mykelti.

“Putting [Meri] in the same category of [Robyn] and Kody is not right,” they continued. “I don’t know inner workings of your family, but I know how excluding people is harmful. Not liking this.”

christine brown's instagram followers comment on her daughter mykelti's behavior
More of Christine’s IG followers took aim at her and Mykelti. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Another one of Mykelti’s critics took it a step further with their comment.

“Bahahaha she’s a terrible daughter and has her fathers narcissistic traits,” they moaned. “Loves making you look dumb bc she knows you’ll take it gracefully so she can get the limelight.”

Mykelti has accused Meri of abuse and infidelity

As Monsters and Critics reported earlier this year, Mykelti – who is Christine and Kody’s second-eldest child – accused Meri of being “very emotionally and verbally abusive” toward herself and her siblings in their younger years.

Mykelti opened up about the accusations on her Patreon, telling her subscribers that she got the brunt of Meri’s abuse

“She is not, nor will she ever be, part of my life nor my husband’s or my kids’ lives because of the, uh, trauma that I’ve experienced as a child growing up,” Mykelti confessed.

Mykelti also made it clear that she has a problem with Meri’s treatment of Kody, accusing Kody’s first wife of cheating on him with her online catfish.

“It’s unfair for her to get mad at Dad when she gave up. She threw the towel in,” Mykelti expressed. “She said, ‘I’m done.’ She cheated first.”

Mykelti shares a close relationship with her dad Kody and his wife Robyn

Many Sister Wives viewers have taken issue with the fact that Mykelti has remained cordial with her dad, Kody, and his wife, Robyn Brown.

Mykelti and Robyn are so tight, in fact, that Robyn was present for the birth of Mykelti’s daughter, Avalon, and her twin sons, Ace and Archer.

Mykelti also showed up to Kody and Robyn’s house for Christmas when the other siblings chose to isolate themselves from their dad and his favored wife.

This has certainly rubbed a lot of Sister Wives fans the wrong way, since they feel that Kody and Robyn need to be held accountable for their actions, and especially because of the way Kody treated Mykelti’s mom, Christine, before their split in 2021.

Part 2 of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All, One on One, airs on Sunday, December 3, at 10/9c on TLC.

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Sandra Stone
Sandra Stone
4 months ago

If Mykelti was abused by Meri, she has every right to isolate herself and her kids from her, I would do the same! However , Meri’s catfishing incident was a direct result of the abuse and neglect suffered at the hands of her worthless “husband”. It was wrong to do, but no worse than anything he did in divorcing her and taking another woman right in front of her face, and then spending all of his time with her, totally leaving the wives and kids behind, without love, support, or attention.