Sister Wives fans are happy to see Janelle Brown spending time on Coyote Pass

Janelle Brown poses for a selfie on IG
Janelle has been spending time at Coyote Pass and Sister Wives fans love to see it. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Janelle Brown isn’t letting her property at Coyote Pass go to waste, and Sister Wives fans are happy to see it.

This season on Sister Wives, Janelle decided to downsize into an RV after her Flagstaff rental was listed for sale, and she decided not to purchase it.

Janelle’s hopes were that living on the property would encourage the rest of the family to get building on their lots sooner rather than later and also to get herself hyped about living there in the future.

Although Janelle hasn’t broken ground on her lot yet, she’s been spending time there off-camera, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post.

Sharing a video of some of her kids at Coyote Pass at night, Janelle’s Reel read, “Nightlife Flagstaff style !!” and was set to the song Where The Adventure Begins by Tim Halperin.

Janelle first shared footage of her and Kody Brown’s son, Gabriel, sitting near a campfire as he roasted hot dogs, seated on a tree trunk. A gorgeous view of Flagstaff’s mountains was visible in the background.

Janelle Brown spends quality time with her kids and grandkids at Coyote Pass

In the next slide, Janelle and Kody’s eldest daughter Madison – who is currently expecting her third child – sat on a picnic table with her kids Axel and Evie as they warmed up near the fire. The last shot illuminated the night sky, with an abundance of stars visible against the pitch black.

In the comments section, most of Janelle’s 729,000 followers praised her efforts and were happy to see her spending time on her property.

Sister Wives fans happy to see Janelle Brown spending time at Coyote Pass

One of Janelle’s followers wrote, “I am glad to finally see someone wanting to actually live on the property. Kody should be thrilled and supportive. The RV is a very cool idea to start out with when building.”

“Janelle said we’re gonna use this property!!! And enjoy it and I’m. So glad they are !” wrote another fan of Janelle’s.

Others commented, happy to see Janelle living her “dream” and her “best life” without worrying about “letting the others pressure” her.

janelle brown's IG followers comment on her spending time on coyote pass
Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

When Janelle announced her plans to live in an RV on Coyote Pass to the rest of the family, her bold decision was met with some apprehension and criticism. Kody wasn’t fully on board with the idea and made it about himself, calling it a “major inconvenience” to his lifestyle.

Kody complained of cramped living quarters compared to staying in Robyn’s spacious home. And when Kody forced Janelle to choose between sharing her bed with him or the dogs, Janelle chose the dogs.

Although Janelle hasn’t divorced Kody like her former sister wife, Christine Brown, she’s definitely shown her sense of independence and proven that she doesn’t need Kody involved in her life to enjoy it.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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