Sister Wives fans are concerned about Truely Brown’s body language around David Woolley — Here’s why

Christine and Truely Brown IG selfie January 2020
Christine and Truely snap a mother-daughter selfie. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter, Truely Brown, looks “uncomfortable” around her future stepfather, David Woolley, if you ask Sister Wives fans.

Following her split from Kody, Christine met the love of her life, David, in Utah.

The two embarked on a whirlwind romance and recently announced their engagement.

Amid the exciting news, Christine and David have continued to spend most of their free time together, traveling and enjoying each other’s company.

Most recently, as Monsters and Critics reported, the duo visited Disneyland in California along with two of Christine’s daughters, Ysabel, 19, and Truely, 13.

Christine shared a carousel of photos from their trip on Instagram. The first photo saw Christine, David, Ysabel, and Truely come together for a group hug.

In another slide, Truely posed next to her mom while David stood on the opposite side. And in the last slide, Truely sat next to David on a car as she read a book while he smiled for the camera.

According to quite a few Sister Wives fans, Truely’s body language was a bit concerning in the pics.

Sister Wives fans are concerned about Truely Brown’s body language in David Woolley’s presence

In the comments section of Christine’s post, many of her followers pointed out that Truely’s mannerisms in the photos seemed to imply that she’s not quite ready to welcome David into her life.

“[Truely] looks uncomfortable in most of the pictures of her,” penned one of Christine’s 1.2 million Instagram followers, also surmising that perhaps the teen is “just socially awkward” when having her picture taken.

sister wives fans comment on how truely brown looks uncomfortable on instagram
Some of Christine’s followers felt Truely looked uncomfortable around David. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Another commented that it didn’t look like Truely “cares for” Christine’s fiance, David, while another pointed out that Truely “doesn’t look happy.”

Another cynic felt as though Truely’s body language sent the message, “Hands off!”

“[Truely’s] body language in these pictures say so much,” wrote another skeptic, with another Instagram user remarking that Truely appeared to be pulling away from David.

Despite the skepticism, there were also some Sister Wives fans who felt the critics were overreacting.

Some Sister Wives fans think Truely is just being a typical teenager

One such commenter noted that Truely is a teen and, therefore, is likely “moody.”

“I can’t imagine being a teenager, going through the dissolution of your parent’s marriage and being in the public eye,” they added.

sister wives fans comment that truely is fine on christine brown's instagram post
Other Sister Wives fans felt that Truely is just acting like a typical teenager. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Echoing the sentiment, another one of Christine’s followers joked, “Have you [met] a 13 year old ever? This is how they are.”

Kody and Christine Brown’s divorce was tough on Truely

Truely took the news of her parents divorcing pretty hard. During Season 17 of Sister Wives, Christine sat down with her and Kody’s youngest child to break the news.

“So I sat Truely down, and I told her we’re moving, and she started to cry,” Christine confessed. The 51-year-old mom of six told Truely that she and Kody had already divorced and that just the two of them would be relocating to Utah.

Truely retreated to her room to cry upon hearing the news, but it appears that these days, she’s adjusting as well as a teenager would be expected to, given the circumstances.

How does Kody feel about Truely spending so much time with David?

Meanwhile, it’s rumored that Kody feels “triggered” by seeing Truely spending so much time with David. “The whole thing makes [Kody] sick,” an insider told The Sun.

Before Christine left Flagstaff and moved back to Utah, Kody expressed his concern that her future boyfriend would take his family and his money from him.

“You take Truely, and you go to Utah, the most polygamy-unfriendly state in the union,” Kody told Christine during an emotionally-charged conversation.

“You get a boyfriend who wants some of our money, and between you, your boyfriend, and the state of Utah, I lose any access to Truely and all my money because, um, I’ve seen it happen to too many, many people,” Kody added.

While Christine is living her best life and Truely is adjusting to her new normal, it appears that, at least partially, Kody’s biggest fears are playing out before his very eyes.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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