Sister Wives family tree: Who are Kody Brown’s 18 kids he shares with Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn?

Kody shares 18 children with his wife and his three ex-wives. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown has been sharing his personal life with Sister Wives viewers for over a decade.

In that time, Sister Wives viewers have watched Kody’s family grow exponentially.

During Season 1, Robyn Brown was still courting Kody, but it wasn’t long before they got married and added to the number of children in the Brown family.

It’s not uncommon for fathers in polygamous marriages to have a lot of kids, and this holds true for Kody, although he’s no longer a practicing polygamist.

While still married simultaneously to four women — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown — Kody and his wives procreated more than a few times.

The 54-year-old is a father to a whopping 18 children, 15 of whom are his biological children and three of whom are adopted.

Kody Brown shares 18 children between Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown

Kody and Meri share one child, Kody and Janelle share six children, Kody and Christine share six children, and Kody and Robyn share five children, two of whom are biologically his.

The first of Kody’s wives to give birth was Janelle in 1994, one year after joining Kody and Meri’s polygamous union.

Logan is the eldest of all of the Brown family’s children and the eldest child Kody and Janelle share. He married his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty, last year.

Next in line was Aspyn, the eldest child of Kody and Christine, born in 1995, who is married to Mitch Thompson, who also hails from a polygamous family.

Just four months later, Kody and Meri’s only child, Leon, who is married to Audrey Kriss, made their entrance, and a few months later, Janelle welcomed her and Kody’s second child, Madison “Maddie.”

Maddie is married to Caleb Brush, and their wedding was televised on an episode of Sister Wives. As fans of the show may also remember, Kody officiated the nuptials.

One year later, Christine and Kody welcomed another daughter, Mykelti, and the following year, in 1997, Hunter became Kody and Janelle’s second son.

Mykelti is married to Tony Padron, and their wedding was also featured in an episode of Sister Wives.

Paedon, Christine and Kody’s only biological son, came along in 1998, followed by Garrison (real name Robert), who is Janelle and Kody’s son.

Robyn’s eldest son, David (who goes by Dayton), was next in line and was born in 2000. Dayton — whose biological father is Robyn’s ex-husband, David Jessop — is not Kody’s biological son, but Kody adopted him in 2015.

Gabriel came one year later in 2001, and is Janelle and Kody’s fourth eldest son. Just days later, Christine and Kody welcomed another daughter, Gwendlyn, who is married to Beatriz Queiroz.

Another one of Robyn’s children she brought to the family from her previous marriage, Aurora, was born in 2002.

Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel, joined the family in 2003, and one year later, Robyn’s second daughter with David Jessop, Breanna, was born.

Savanah, the youngest of Kody and Janelle’s children, was born later that same year.

In 2010, Sister Wives viewers watched as Christine and Kody welcomed their youngest child, daughter Truely.

Several of the Browns’ children’s births aired on Sister Wives

Truely’s birth was the first of several to be featured on the TLC show.

One year later, another birth aired on Sister Wives when Robyn welcomed her and Kody’s first biological child, a son named Solomon.

The youngest of the Brown siblings is Robyn and Kody’s daughter, Ariella, whose 2016 birth was also filmed for Sister Wives, along with the births of two of Maddie’s kids, Axel and Evie.

Who are Kody’s grandchildren?

In addition to his 18 children, Kody is also a grandfather. Two of his children have children of their own — Maddie and Mykelti.

Maddie made Kody a grandfather for the first time in 2017 when she and her husband, Caleb Brush, welcomed their son Axel. They also welcomed a daughter, Evangalynn Kodi (Evie), in 2019 and another daughter, Josephine Lee (Joey), earlier this year.

In addition, Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti, and her husband, Tony Padron, welcomed their daughter, Avalon, in 2021 and their twin sons, Ace and Archer, in November 2022.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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8 months ago

kody is a piece of garbage. How the network can continue to pay him is beyond me. all the money should go to the x wives. Hope they get their share. Kody and robyn seem to be ones who are cashing in.