Sister Wives: Everything you need to know about One on One host Sukanya Krishnan

Sister Wives: One on One host Sukanya Krishnan
Sukanya Krishnan is the host of Sister Wives: One on One. Pic credit: TLC

Sukanya Krishnan is the host of this season’s tell all special, Sister Wives: One on One — here is everything you need to know about the TLC host.

Sister Wives viewers were pleasantly surprised when the three-part tell all, Sister Wives: One on One, was revealed following Season 16.

Who is Sukanya Krishnan?

Sister Wives viewers already got a taste of Sukanya Krishnan’s hard-hitting hosting style during part one of Sister Wives: One on One when she sat down individually with Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

So, who is Sukanya Krishnan? Read on to get to know the TLC host.

Sukanya, who was born in India and raised on Staten Island, began her journalism career in the New York news market where she holds more than 20 years of experience in the field.

The 50-year-old wife and mother of two worked as the morning news anchor for Good Day Wake Up. She has won six Emmy Awards, made history as the first South Asian American news anchor in the number one market, and has made a cameo appearance in The Sopranos.

90 Day Fiance fans may remember Sukanya, or Suki for short, from her stint as host for 90 Day Fiance: Love Games on Discovery+ in 2021. She also hosted the TLC show Find Love Live in 2020.

Sukanya Krishnan isn’t afraid to ask hard-hitting questions on Sister Wives: One on One

Sukanya has proven that she isn’t afraid to ask the blunt questions that fans want answers to, as seen during part one of Sister Wives: One on One.

When Sukanya sat opposite Kody Brown for his one-on-one interview, she didn’t hold back and accused him of “abandoning” his wives.

When Kody said that his wives can leave whenever they want, but he can’t, calling it a double standard, Sukanya told him, “It is not a double standard because you emotionally have left and abandoned them in some ways, right?”

Kody took offense to her remark and demanded that she “take back” her accusation.

“Well, uh, abandoned?! Puh-lease! Take the word back because I take offense to that word of abandonment!” Kody angrily demanded.

There are still two more parts left in the Sister Wives tell all, and Sukanya surely has more uncompromising questions up her sleeve for Kody and his wives. Be sure to tune in Sunday night for more post-season Q&A with Sukanya and the Brown spouses.

Part two of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, February 6 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

I watched Sunday night’s episode and I have followed Sister Wives since the beginning. Something Cody has stated and Meri has stated, it has been over a decade since they have been intimate, the catfishing scandal isn’t very old like 5 years?. Cody believes that she cheated on him, in reality didn’t he leave her before that? Ask for a divorce to protect Robyn’s children? Yet she is to blame? I am not condoning what happened with Meri, but he didn’t keep his end of the marriage or his vows to Meri or Christine. He abandoned them emotionally and physically.