Sister Wives: Critics slam Kody Brown for forgetting Gabriel’s birthday

Kody and Gabriel Brown confessionals
Sister Wives felt Gabriel’s hurt when Kody forgot his birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown has again upset Sister Wives viewers, this time for forgetting his son Gabriel’s birthday.

During the December 4 episode of Sister Wives, Gabriel confessed that his father, Kody, forgot his birthday, bringing him to tears.

Viewers watched as Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, contracted COVID-19. While he was ill, Kody called Gabriel, who had already had the virus and healed from it, to get some advice about what to expect.

During his confessional, Gabriel told cameras that on October 11, his birthday, Kody called him. Gabriel said he and Kody had a small discussion about the severity of his illness.

However, Gabriel didn’t remind his dad that it was his birthday, although he revealed he should have, because he wanted to see if Kody would remember; Kody didn’t remember, and Gabriel was distraught, sobbing throughout his confessional in the emotional scene.

Kody’s behavior didn’t sit well with Sister Wives viewers, who took to Twitter following the episode to bash the Brown family patriarch.

Sister Wives viewers slam Kody Brown for forgetting son Gabriel’s birthday

One of Kody’s critics called Gabriel’s scene “absolutely heartbreaking” and deemed Kody’s behavior “self righteous” and “absolutely disgusting.”

“Gabe will be an amazing dad one day…because he will know what NOT to do thanks to Kody,” another of Gabriel’s supporters tweeted.

sister wives take to twitter to bash kody brown for forgetting his son gabe's birthday
Pic credit: @makeupbeanmua/@Bonnie_says_/@watches_sam/Twitter

Pointing out that Kody was upset about being quarantined from his and Robyn’s daughter Aurora (the only one in the household who didn’t contract COVID-19), another critic had trouble sympathizing with Kody.

Calling Kody a “s**t father,” another viewer on Twitter wrote their heart was “literally breaking” for Gabriel, sharing a photo of him crying during his confessional.

“If [sic] Gabriel were my son and I had just watched this scene, Kody would have a LOT more to be afraid of than Covid,” wrote another viewer, also sharing a screenshot of Gabriel sobbing during his confessional scene.

Kody’s strict COVID-19 protocols caused feud with Gabriel

Gabriel’s relationship with his dad has been on the rocks, as Sister Wives viewers watched begin to unfold last season. Kody’s ultra-strict coronavirus pandemic rules for his family caused division among the Brown’s super-sized family.

Gabriel wasn’t willing to adhere to his dad’s rules – still attending school, going to work, and hanging out with his girlfriend and friends – causing tension between him and Kody.

Kody accused Gabriel of gaslighting him by not abiding by his rules and even admitted that he and his son need therapy. During last season’s Tell All, Sister Wives: One on One, Kody divulged that he and Gabriel were still not on speaking terms; this, after Kody recommended that Janelle kick their adult sons out of her house for not obeying his rules.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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