Sister Wives: Christine’s daughter Mykelti slams Meri Brown for cheating on Kody Brown

Meri and Mykelti Brown TLC confessionals
Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti, says Meri was to blame for her and Kody’s split. Pic credit: TLC

If you ask Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, who was to blame for his and Meri Brown’s split, it was Meri’s fault.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Meri and Kody decided to terminate their marriage earlier this month, making the official announcement on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Although neither Sister Wives star has spoken out since their announcement, other family members have.

Kody and Christine’s biological daughter, Mykelti, was the latest to give her two cents about her dad and Meri’s marriage coming to an end.

During a recent Crowdcast Live for her Patreon followers, Mykelti told her listeners, “When you cheat on someone, you’re giving up first.”

Mykelti’s statement was seemingly aimed at Meri’s 2015 catfishing scandal that shocked Sister Wives viewers, Kody Brown, and Meri’s former sister wives alike.

Sister Wives: Mykelti says Meri Brown gave up on marriage to Kody Brown when she ‘cheated first’

Meri entered into an online relationship with a woman named Jackie Overton, who was posing as a man named Sam Cooper.

Mykelti continued to tell her followers, “If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you’re giving up on the relationship first. It’s unfair for her to get mad at Dad when she gave up. She threw the towel in. She said, ‘I’m done.’ She cheated first.”

Mariah (Leon), Aspyn, Madison, and Mykelti pose for a photo during childhood as shared on an episode of sister wives
Mykelti (far right) poses with some of her siblings — Leon (Mariah) on the left, followed by Aspyn, Madison, and Mykelti. Pic credit: TLC

Mykelti went as far as to detail the ins and outs of Meri and “Sam’s” relationship, claiming that Meri and Kody’s only biological child, Leon (formerly Mariah), heard their mom having “intimate” conversations on the phone with the catfish and sexting… something Mykelti considers cheating, regardless of whether it got physical or not.

Meri Brown under scrutiny lately

Meri’s broken marriage to Kody isn’t the only thing some of her ex-husband’s kids are claiming about the 52-year-old TLC star. Mykelti’s brother, Paedon, recently accused Meri of abuse, implying that it got physical at times.

Mykelti and Paedon’s sister, Gwendlyn, got in on the topic, too, adding that Meri was “rude and scary” towards the Brown children. Gwendlyn also confirmed that Meri got physical with Mykelti on one occasion but believes that Meri deserves a second chance.

Meri has teased “so much more” to her story on more than one occasion, leaving her fans and critics wondering if she has some tea of her own to spill. She’s shared two Instagram posts in which she posed with a leatherbound book in front of her, seemingly implying that she’s working on a Tell All of her own. If and when Meri speaks out, Sister Wives fans will be anxiously awaiting to hear what she has to say.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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