Sister Wives’ Christine calls Kody and Robyn ‘disgusting’ for dragging Meri along for years: ‘Let her go!’

Christine is “disgusted” with Kody and Robyn. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown has made it clear that he hasn’t been interested in a relationship with Meri Brown for years, and Christine Brown thinks it’s time he cuts the cord.

During the latest episode of Sister Wives, we watched as Kody and Meri decided to end their spiritual plural marriage after 32 years together.

While Sister Wives viewers saw the writing on the wall and knew that Meri should have let go years ago, the 52-year-old B&B owner continued to stick around until 2022.

Leading up to their decision to finally call it quits, Meri held onto hope for years, putting up with Kody’s empty promises and remaining hopeful that he would have a change of heart and reconcile their romantic relationship.

Robyn also held onto hope that Meri and Kody would iron out their differences and stay in their plural marriage despite lacking any type of interaction or romance.

A throwback clip of Kody played on Sunday night, in which the father of 18 confessed that he didn’t really consider himself married to Meri any longer and that if she wanted to move on with someone else, he wouldn’t “get an argument” from him.

Sister Wives confession: Christine Brown is ‘disgusted’ with the way Kody and Robyn have dragged Meri along

Meri called Kody’s comments “vulgar and rude,” and Christine chimed in, agreeing that her ex-husband’s statements were obscenely off-putting.

“I think it’s disgusting how Kody’s been dragging Meri along for years,” said Christine during a solo confessional.

And Kody’s first ex-wife didn’t stop there — Christine threw some major shade at Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn, too.

“And I think it’s equally as disgusting that Robyn’s like, ‘Stay with the family, stay with the family,'” Christine added. “Let that girl go!”

Kody and Meri Brown finally call it quits on their marriage

Meri finally came to her senses and decided to cut ties with Kody in Sunday’s episode, and TLC’s cameras captured the emotional scene at Coyote Pass.

Robyn was present as Meri and Kody talked through their marital issues and got emotional when she realized it was the end.

As Kody revealed, Robyn has always pushed for him to heal his broken relationships with his other wives, especially Meri, although against his wishes.

Robyn was hopeful that her presence during Meri and Kody’s final conversation would deter them from breaking it off, but her hopefulness and encouraging words weren’t enough.

As Sister Wives viewers watched this season’s finale episode, Robyn bawled her eyes out as she reflected on the dream the Brown family once had for their future.

“I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives here on this property with our kids and our grandkids and Kody running around like he does and just look at that mountain together and having a family,” Robyn said in between tears. “I don’t understand.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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