Sister Wives: Christine Brown sells her Flagstaff home, leaving questions about the family’s plans to build

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown removed her Flagstaff home from the market because it has sold. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has sold her Flagstaff home amid the Brown family’s quest to build on Coyote Pass.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Christine listed her home for sale in August 2021, sparking rumors that she and Kody Brown may be divorcing.

Curiously, after listing her home for sale, Christine shared with her fans that she was redecorating its interior, leaving Sister Wives fans with questions about her motives.

Then, it was reported that Christine’s home was no longer listed for sale, sparking rumors that she wouldn’t be joining the rest of the family when they build on their property at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown sells her Flagstaff home

Now, it’s been confirmed that Christine’s house was taken off the market because it sold.

The Sun confirmed the sale of Christine’s home, which took place on October 8. Originally listed for $725,000, Christine’s home’s new owners came in with an offer $25,000 below her original asking price with $700,000.

On September 10, however, Christine dropped her asking price from $725,000 to $700,000.

christine brown's flagstaff home she sold
Christine’s soon-to-be-former home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pic credit: TLC

The home, which sits on two acres and boasts spectacular mountain and valley views in Flagstaff, Arizona, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The interior of the home is spacious and welcoming, with enough room to host Brown family meetings, as Sister Wives viewers have seen on the show.

Christine selling her home raises some questions about the Browns’ plans to stay in Flagstaff and build on Coyote Pass.

As Monsters & Critics reported, as of October 6, no building permits have been approved on the parcels which Kody and his four wives own, meaning they have yet to break ground on Coyote Pass.

Last season on Sister Wives, viewers watched as Kody’s four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown — squabbled over their lots at Coyote Pass.

The topic of living under the same roof as one, polygamous family got shot down quickly by Christine, who is the only one of Kody’s four wives who is staunchly against the idea.

Christine recalled when the family lived in Lehi, Utah, under one roof, how she felt neglected by Kody and felt like a “basement wife,” and vowed she would never share a home with her sister wives again.

What does Christine Brown’s home sale mean for the family’s plans to build?

The Brown’s plan is still unclear for building on Coyote Pass, but it’s assumed that they’ll build four separate homes, one for each wife and her biological children.

Since they haven’t yet broken ground at Coyote Pass, it’s possible that Christine will live in a rental until they are ready to build. Or perhaps she’s considering RV life like her sister wife, Janelle Brown.

Not only is the Browns’ living situation in limbo, the status of their family is as well. With all four of Kody’s wives spread across Flagstaff in four separate homes — including Janelle’s RV which is already on their property — it seems nearly impossible for him to give his wives and kids equal time and attention.

With Season 16 of Sister Wives premiering next month, fans of the show will be tuning in to see where the Brown family is headed with their plans to build and where they stand as a family.

Sister Wives returns to TLC and Discovery+ on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c.

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