Sister Wives: Christine Brown may join another polygamous family after Kody split

Sister Wives
Christine Brown may be joining a different polygamous family after splitting from Kody. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown might be joining a different polygamous family after her split from Kody Brown.

Since Christine Brown announced her split from husband Kody Brown, Sister Wives fans have wondered about her future.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine is currently living in Utah with her and Kody’s youngest child, Truely, and renting a $1 million duplex.

After spending 27 years with Kody and the rest of the family, will Christine leave polygamy, or stick with all she knows when it comes to marriage?

Will Sister Wives star Christine Brown join another polygamous family?

According to Christine’s cousin, because of how familiar she is with polygamy — being born into it and her relatives being leaders in the fundamentalist Mormon community — Christine might seek another family to join now.

Christine’s cousin, Anna LeBaron, spoke with The Sun and gave her opinion of what Christine’s future holds, based on her upbringing.

Anna, who escaped polygamy when she was 13 years old, told the outlet, “She may not be leaving the polygamy, she may just be leaving Kody himself. That is a possibility.”

In the polygamous community, this is not an uncommon practice as Anna explained, “It’s very common for a woman to leave one polygamous relationship and enter a new one because it’s familiar territory.”

Although polygamy wasn’t for Anna, she doesn’t judge Christine if she chooses to stick with it and only wishes her the best moving forward.

“If she’s wanting to continue believing that then that’s her choice. I wish her the best and I hope she’ll have a good outcome and find happiness in whatever she pursues,” Anna shared.

Christine Brown’s relationships with her former sister wives

Many Sister Wives fans are curious about what will happen to the relationships between Christine and her former sister wives. According to Anna, it’s likely that Christine will stay in touch with Meri, Janelle, and Robyn.

Anna explained, “Many times they will remain close because there is so much interconnectedness in the families. It’s almost impossible to not be close since you love and care about them no matter what.”

Anna continued to explain, that as she learned from her own experience, it’s not easy to navigate relationships with loved ones after leaving the family.

“When I left, I still loved my siblings and mom, it’s a very complicated way to have relationships, ” Anna said. “Your children are still friends. There may be some boundaries, but over time it becomes easier.”

Christine and Kody share six biological children as well as 12 more children, between Kody’s other three wives.

It’s unclear how long Christine has been split from Kody, but she recently traveled with her sister wife, Janelle, when they took their daughters to Universal Studios in California.

Christine and Janelle also partnered up to sell Plexus and even started their own joint Instagram page called The Secret to Selfcare, where they promote their MLM business.

Sister Wives fans have speculated that Janelle also followed Christine to Utah, but since moving out of her RV for the winter, there hasn’t been any information to confirm Janelle’s whereabouts just yet.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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