Sister Wives: Christine Brown ‘feels better’ after split from Kody Brown, says it was a ‘long time coming’

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown recently told a fan that her split from Kody was a “long time coming.” Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown told a fan that her decision to leave Kody Brown was a “long time coming.”

Christine announced last week that she left Kody Brown after 27 years of marriage.

The split didn’t come as too much of a shock to Sister Wives viewers who have speculated that Christine left Kody months ago.

Christine sold her Flagstaff, Arizona home and moved to Utah where she has begun a new life, just a few minutes away from her daughter, Aspyn.

Christine Brown’s split from Kody Brown was a ‘long time coming’

Now, it’s been reported that Christine is feeling like a “much better person” after splitting from Kody according to The Sun.

During a recent Cameo video for a fan (which you can watch here), Christine greeted the fan then said of her split, “The decision was a long time coming and I feel like a much better person divorced than I ever did.”

It seems that Christine is finally discovering what simplicity feels like in life as she continued to tell her fan, “Life is so great. I had no idea life could be simple. I didn’t know it could be simple.”

The 49-year-old mom of six explained that she and Kody still communicate for the sake of their kids and they have their ups and downs.

Sister Wives exes Christine and Kody Brown are still raising their kids together

Christine continued, “Because we’ve been still real high communicating with each other and stuff. I mean good and bad days, don’t get me wrong but we have a life still together after this because we have kids to raise.”

Noting that their daughter, Truely, is just 11 years old, Christine added, “So we have to be good and amiable.”

According to the outlet, Christine seemed to be in good spirits throughout the video and touched on the topic of her relationship with her kids, who are understandably feeling “upset” amid their parents’ split.

Christine and Kody share daughter Aspyn, 26, daughter Mykelti, 25, son Paedon, 23, daughter Gwendlyn, 20, daughter Ysabel, 18, and daughter Truely, 11.

“I love being a mom. I love the relationship that I have with my kids,” Christine confided. “One-on-one time with them has just been the biggest blessing.”

“Thank you for your support. You guys are awesome and I appreciate it,” Christine concluded the Cameo.

Some of Christine’s distant relatives have spoken out since the news of her split from Kody Brown and offered some insight into the reality of Christine’s 27-year marriage to Kody.

Christine’s aunt told The Sun that Christine was never “genuinely happy” in her marriage to Kody and that Sister Wives “glamorized” how polygamy really is.

Adding to Christine’s aunt’s point about polygamy, Christine’s cousin said that she was “brave” for leaving Kody. And Christine’s cousin said that Sister Wives actually helped her by helping to build a social media presence from her fame on the show.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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