Sister Wives: Christine Brown confirms David Woolley and ex Kody Brown have met: ‘David’s always a gentleman’

David and Christine selfie
Christine confirms David has met Kody. Pic credit: @david__woolley/Instagram

For months, Sister Wives fans have wondered whether the day would ever come when Kody Brown would meet Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley.

Well, now we can confirm that Kody has, in fact, come face-to-face with his ex-wife’s new husband — and more than once.

In a recent interview with ET’s Deidre Behar, Christine dished on the love of her life meeting her former husband.

“He’s met Kody,” Christine confirmed to the outlet. “There’s been a couple of times where they’ve been together.”

Naturally, Sister Wives fans will want to know how that interaction went between Kody and David, but according to Christine, she’s not entirely sure.

“I don’t know how Kody feels about any of it at all. I’m not sure. But watching the two of them, they’ll be fine. They’ll be kind in each other’s presence,” Christine added.

Christine Brown says Kody’s reaction to her and David’s relationship was ‘hilarious’

As we watched in a preview for the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All, One on One, David will appear alongside his new bride.

Christine teased that Kody’s point of view on her and David’s relationship during the Tell All is “hilarious” and will let Sister Wives viewers judge for themselves.

“I’ll let you watch the One on One for that one cause then you’ll see how Kody feels,” Christine hinted.

“But David’s always a gentleman. He’s always going to be kind and good,” the mom of six added.

David Woolley will appear in future Sister Wives episodes, including a ‘special’

And, as Sister Wives fans have hoped, David’s appearance on One on One won’t be his last. As it turns out, he’ll make more future appearances on reality TV, although Christine said he was “so nervous” in front of TLC’s cameras.

“You’re gonna see him a lot. He’s not in this season at all. He’s in a special, and, of course, he’s in our wedding,” Christine teased.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, cameras were spotted at Christine and David’s October 2023 nuptials.

Although David is new to being in front of the cameras, and Christine is not, the Sister Wives star told ET that her hubby is handling it well.

“It’s all very overwhelming to him, and it’s all a lot. He’s taking on a lot with taking me on,” Christine admitted, adding, “It’s a lot, but he does it with grace.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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