Sister Wives: Christine Brown calls Kody Brown ‘cowardly,’ tells him to ‘man up’ for avoiding split

Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Christine had some choice words for Kody when he wouldn’t admit he wanted to split from her. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown didn’t mince words when she aimed some harsh comments at her now-ex-husband Kody Brown, labeling him a “coward.”

Season 17 of Sister Wives is just around the corner, and another preview clip has surfaced ahead of Sunday’s premiere.

Christine’s split from Kody will be a major storyline this season. Sister Wives viewers know that Christine and Kody struggled in their marriage for years, and details about how seriously damaged their union was became evident last season after Christine packed up Kody’s belongings in boxes and put them in her garage.

Now, in a preview clip from Season 17, Christine and Kody continue their conversation about whether they should work through their issues or go their separate ways, and Christine didn’t hold back.

Christine accused Kody of “never being around,” but when he tried to defend himself, she called him out.

“So let’s just say we’ve lived here for 800 days,” Christine confessed, “He went hiking with us once. He’s been kayaking with us twice. One time he didn’t even get in the water. That’s three times he’s gone with us – three – out of 800.”

Sister Wives sneak peek: Christine Brown calls out Kody Brown for being absent, Kody fires back

For his part, Kody defended his schedule: “I don’t have time to play like she has time to play. I got a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibilities.”

He then questioned Christine’s schedule, asking what she’s “doing all day.”

When Christine pressed Kody to give her an answer about why he was “insisting on holding on” to her, he got defensive and admitted to “being turned off” by her behavior.

Christine calls Kody ‘cowardly,’ tells him to ‘man up’

During another solo confessional, Christine spoke her mind and laid it all out on the table. “We’ve been married 25 years. I’ve known you for almost 30 years – don’t insult me. Tell me straight up. If you don’t want to be married to me anymore, you don’t want to have an intimate marriage with me anymore, flippin’ tell me. It is cowardly – man the f**k up! Come on.”

In recent years, Christine has hinted at a “rough” relationship between herself and Kody and has admittedly struggled with jealousy.

Kody has been accused by Sister Wives fans of playing favorites with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and spending most of his time with her while ignoring his other marriages.

There is still plenty to unpack in the events leading up to Christine’s split from Kody, so be sure to tune in Sunday to watch it all unfold.

Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

He’s creepy and I refuse to watch women being abused ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’ve never cared for Robin and I’ve always thought he played favorites. I think meri sacrificed her marriage when she divorced Kodi so Robin could marry him and he could adopt her kids. She did it for good reasons but it was the beginning of the end for her did something to her and she started cheating. Robin has been a thorn to all of thier marriages.

Mary Burns Holmes
Mary Burns Holmes
1 year ago

Hey Kody…Get over yourself!!! You have decided that you don’t have any responsibility for neglecting your relationships and then you wonder why your wives want to leave. Geeze. Your little kingdom is about 200 years out of date and even then it was disrespectful to women.