Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding: Janelle calls Christine and David’s suggestive lap dance ‘weird’

janelle brownreacts to christine's lap dance for david woolley
Janelle felt a little weirded out by Christine and David’s PDA at their wedding reception. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christine Brown’s fairytale wedding to David Woolley is finally here!

After splitting from Kody Brown in 2021, the Sister Wives star-packed up her life in Flagstaff and moved back to Utah, where she met the love of her life.

Part 2 of Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding Special aired on Sunday night, and we got to see Christine and David walk down the aisle and officially become Mr. and Mrs. Woolley.

Following their beautiful outdoor ceremony in Moab, Utah, Christine and David enjoyed a night of fun with their closest loved ones at their reception.

Christine and David enjoyed not only good food and good company but also some dancing… and not just typical wedding reception dancing, either.

After one of David’s friends, Jared, had some fun dancing with David as he sat in a chair surrounded by their guests, Christine decided to join in on the fun.

Christine Brown and David Wooley weren’t afraid to pack on the PDA at their wedding reception

What started as a joke soon turned into a nearly X-rated moment as Christine performed a lap dance for David.

Christine positioned herself on David’s lap as the two got touchy-feeling on the dance floor, causing many of their guests to drop their jaws.

Admittedly, Christine didn’t care that she and David’s kids, Christine’s mother, or Janelle were right there watching it all go down and told David that it probably was a “bit much” for them to witness.

Afterward, Janelle confirmed Christine’s hunch when she revealed that the risque moment made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding Special confession — Janelle and her kids found Christine’s suggestive dance ‘kinda weird’

“I have to say that was a little weird for me,” Janelle confessed. “I’m like, ‘Hmm, that’s weird,’ and my kids were like, ‘That’s kinda weird, Mom,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’s kinda weird.'”

“But whatever… it’s their wedding,” Janelle added as she threw her hands up in the air.

“Whatever was going on between them, it’s great, “Janelle continued. “It’s great!”

Janelle was able to be a special part of Christine and David’s wedding. Although the lovebirds decided to forgo a wedding party, Janelle was able to make a touching speech the day before their nuptials.

As Monsters and Critics reported, during a boat ride on the eve of the wedding, Janelle toasted Christine and David, thanking her former sister wife for “making her part of the deal.”

Christine and David weren’t concerned about anything but each other on their wedding day

After all was said and done, Christine and her new groom, David, gushed over their special day.

Christine called their wedding day a “dream come true,” and David added, “It’s the right fit.”

“Everything just – it’s just I felt like I’ve known you my whole life,” David confessed to Christine. “The way we just connect … I was single for too many years, and it’s awesome to have you.”

In response, Christine said, “I’ve been sharing [a husband] for too many years, and it’s awesome to have just you, too.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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