Siesta Key’s JJ Mizell and Amanda Miller spotted together amid cheating rumors

Amanda Miller of Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Amanda Miller has been hanging out with ex-boyfriend JJ Mizell amid cheating rumors. Pic credit: @amanda_marie_miller/Instagram

It’s been a while since Siesta Key fans have seen exes JJ Mizell and Amanda Miller together.

The on-again-off-again pair split on camera and have been seeing other people since.

Most recently, JJ posted pictures with a different girl, and Amanda was dating a guy named Josh Pelton.

Amanda and Josh recently split, and he bashed her and her friends on social media, accusing them of doing drugs and being fake.

He also claimed that Amanda didn’t actually like any of them — but he didn’t stop there.

Most recently, Josh claimed that Amanda had been cheating on him with JJ as the former love birds hung out together.

Siesta Key’s JJ Mizell and Amanda Miller hangout amid cheating rumors

Based on her Instagram page, Amanda recently attended a concert with some friends.

She shared video footage of the crowd and herself as she sat and soaked in the experience.

She also shared a photo on her Instagram Stories that begs the question of whether she and JJ had gotten back together.

The post was shared from JJ’s account and showed the two smiling and looking happy together as they leaned in with their heads touching.

Amanda and JJ hang out together.
Pic credit: @amanda_marie_miller/Instagram

The photo came following the rumors Josh was spreading about Amanda, saying she had been unfaithful to him by hooking up with JJ during their relationship.

Amanda didn’t seem too bothered by Josh’s claims as she hasn’t directly addressed anything he’s said publicly about her.

She also appears to have no shame posing alongside JJ, whether the rumors are true or not.

Neither JJ nor Amanda have confirmed their relationship status, so it’s possible they could just be hanging out as friends rather than rekindling any romantic relationship.

Amanda Miller spends time with Jordana Barnes

Not only is Amanda reconnecting with old flames, but she’s also started to form some new friendships since living in Miami.

She and her costar Jordana Barnes have become closer over the last several weeks and have appeared together at different events and in pictures on social media.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the two to become so close suddenly, but it’s possible Jordana could have a bigger role in the show going forward.

Sam Logan joking referred to Jordana as the “star of the show” in a recent social media post, which begs the question of whether that means she will have more air time, especially with Kelsey Owens’ departure.

Fans will likely get to see Jordana and Amanda’s friendship play out when the new season of Siesta Key premieres.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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