Siesta Key spoiler: Cara and Juliette come to blows over Meghan

The drama in Siesta Key has continued to heat up with each new episode that airs.

Last week viewers saw Juliette Porter confront Sam Logan’s new flame, Meghan Bischoff for the first time.

At Cara Geswelli’s party, Juliette made it clear that she wasn’t happy with the way Meghan was flaunting her relationship with Sam in front of her but Meghan told her she wasn’t out to hurt her.

The tension came to a head when Juliette watched Sam and Meghan as they were all over each other and Cara joked that they should go have sex in the bathroom.

Now, it looks like Juliette is still reeling from her interaction with Meghan, and in tonight’s new episode, she’s keen on letting Cara know how she feels about their friendship.

Siesta Key spoiler: Juliette and Cara come to blows

In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Juliette fills Madisson Hausburg in on the interaction between her and Meghan at Cara’s party.

Madisson shared that she didn’t want any drama at the wedding and hoped things would be under control by then.

Amanda Miller jumped in and shared that she thought Meghan was “so disrespectful” to Juliette with the way she was jumping all over Sam in front of her.

Cara walked in on the conversation and that’s when things took a turn.

Chloe Trautman jumped in and asked Cara why she invited Meghan to begin with and whether or not they were friends.

Cara shared that she chats with Meghan from time to time and that she was a nice girl and she wanted to invite her there.

Juliette called Meghan “thirsty” and then accused Cara of liking to watch people be miserable.

Cara then shot back and said that not everything could be about Juliette all the time.

It’s clear that things won’t be all fun and smiles as the girls celebrate Madisson’s bachelorette party tonight.

Juliette Porter comments on tonight’s new episode of Siesta Key

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Juliette spoke out on Twitter with some thoughts on tonight’s new episode of Siesta Key.

Despite the drama with Cara, it seems that Juliette is looking forward to the episode.

Juliette shared that the episode is “by far my fave” and said that Madisson’s bachelorette party and wedding was “sooo good.”

She also added that her new boyfriend Clark will make an appearance.

Juliette comments on tonight's new episode.
Pic credit: @juliettep0rter/Twitter

Fans should tune in to tonight’s new episode to catch a glimpse of the drama and good times that are in store in Siesta Key.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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