Siesta Key fans think MTV is ‘irresponsible’ filming with Chloe as she shares controversial political views

Chloe Trautman on Siesta Key
Siesta Key fans are outraged by Chloe Trautman’s political views. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key’s Chloe Trautman has shocked fans recently with her outspoken political opinions and stance on vaccination against COVID-19.

Chloe, since becoming engaged to her fiance Chris Long, has not been shy about sharing her controversial views.

A Reddit user recently started a thread to discuss whether MTV was “irresponsible” for continuing to keep Chloe on the show.

They shared that while everyone is “entitled to their own opinion,” they were mainly concerned that the narrative she continues to share is “loaded with dangerous misinformation.”

They also accused her of spreading “weird (basically QAnon) propaganda.”

Several people agreed with the post and felt that keeping Chloe may not be a smart move on the network’s part.

Fans think MTV is "irresponsible."
Fans think MTV is “irresponsible.” Pic credit: u/Waste-Topic8694/Reddit

Siesta Key fans think Chloe Trautman should be fired for her controversial political views

Many Reddit users thought it would be smart for MTV to fire Chloe for sharing her controversial political views.

One commenter in particular compared Chloe’s situation to when Alex Kompothecras was fired after making racist comments. They felt that Chloe spread “conspiracy theories” and that “people like her shouldn’t be given platforms to spew their garbage,” to others.

Reddit users want Chloe fired from Siesta Key.
Reddit users want Chloe fired from Siesta Key. Pic credit: u/MSUgirl1901/Reddit

Another critic felt that Chloe was representing a “dangerous cult that has a high risk for violence” and that MTV should “get rid of her.”

Reddit users want Chloe fired from Siesta Key.
Reddit users want Chloe fired from Siesta Key. Pic credit: u/No-Zookeepergame-301/Reddit

Chloe Trautman goes off after her fiance’s social media was disabled

In addition to sharing her opinions on her own social media, Chris’s Instagram account was recently disabled by the social media platform due to the information he was sharing.

Chloe shared a screenshot of his disabled page to her Instagram Stories and accused Instagram of deleting the account because his opinion didn’t “go with the CNN narrative.”

She then had some choice words for the company and pleaded with them to disable her account too and “prove how you want to hide the truth from the world.”

She blamed the entire ordeal on the fact that Chris is “anti vax” and shares that information with his followers.

Chloe is angry with Instagram.
Chloe is angry with Instagram. Pic credit: @chloetrautman/Instagram

Chloe shared an additional image and asked, “What happened to freedom of speech?”

She then accused the social media platform of keeping “the population asleep and unaware.”

Chloe goes off on Instagram.
Chloe goes off on Instagram. Pic credit: @chloetrautman/Instagram

Despite the controversial views and opinions Chloe shares, MTV has yet to comment.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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