Sierra Jackson calls out Bachelor Clayton Echard: ‘We tried to tell you,’

clayton echard and sierra jackson
The Bachelor’s Sierra Jackson responds to Clayton Echard’s tweet on season drama. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Clayton Echard’s contestants seemed unimpressed with how he handled season drama this week.

Shanae Ankney was designated a villain of the season after provoking a seemingly one-sided feud with fellow contestant Elizabeth Corrigan. Viewers were horrified by her insensitive comments about Elizabeth’s ADHD.

Despite a relatively uniform viewer response, Clayton appeared to be struggling with what to believe in this week’s episode.

Shanae repeatedly brought up that she felt bullied by both Elizabeth and the rest of the women in the house. She told Clayton that she felt as though the women isolated her when Elizabeth was in the room.

Clayton Echard is fooled by The Bachelor villain’s tears

“oh boy…what I was being told then and what I’m seeing now is like watching two different movies,” Clayton tweeted.

“We tried to tell you,” Sierra Jackson, one of Clayton’s contestants, responded.

clayton echard and sierra jackson tweets
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

The girls were shocked on this week’s episode when Clayton began questioning Elizabeth and other members of the house on ‘bullying’ Shanae.

While Elizabeth was left in tears, Shanae had a noticeably different reaction.

“Oh my god, he believed me,” she told the camera while smiling. “I have him, trust me, I know I have him.”

“I was good, like I was good,” Shanae continued before laughing.

Sierra was clearly frustrated with Shanae’s actions, and the time she was taking away from the other girls.

“No one’s bullying you, we just don’t like you,” Sierra appeared to say in an interview off-screen. She also challenged Shanae to name specific instances where she had been bullied by the rest of the women in the house.

“What’s validating your thoughts enough that you need to go directly to Clayton?” Sierra asked Shanae.

The rest of the women chimed in to push Shanae to give an answer, who ended the confrontation by telling Elizabeth, “You’re fake, you’re two-faced. I’m done.”

Shanae Jackson appears to openly admit to lying

Viewers were also shocked that Shanae appeared to openly admit to lying to Clayton and treating the season as a competition she wanted to win.

Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Instagram

Although Shanae appears to have alienated herself from not only the rest of the women in the house but also Clayton in real life, she still has his sympathy on the show.

Clayton urged Elizabeth to attempt to figure it out with Shanae and stated that he would address the incident during the next rose ceremony to the entire house.

It’s apparent from Clayton’s tweet that he feels very differently about Shanae now, but the trailer for the upcoming episode shows the drama is far from over as the confrontation between Shanae and the house continues.

The Bachelor returns on January 31st at 8/7c on ABC.  

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