Shushanna Mkrtychyan on Bachelor in Paradise: Is she a witch?

Shushanna Mkrtychyan on Bachelor in Paradise
Shushanna Mkrtychyan is accused of being a witch on Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Shushanna Mkrtychyan went on Bachelor in Paradise to find love, but she quickly realized that it probably wouldn’t happen.

Within just days of arriving, she was accused of being a witch. To understand where this label came from, it’s important to do a little recap.

When Shushanna arrived in Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise, she zoomed in on Kamil Nicalek. Kamil had already been seeing Annaliese, but Mkrtychyan still asked him on a date.

When the two went on a date together, they shared a brief kiss. But Kamil admitted to her, to the cameras and even to Annaliese that he felt nothing for Shushanna.

He wanted to continue things with Annaliese. When Kamil tried to shut down Shushanna, she had a hard time accepting the fact that he felt nothing.

That’s when he told the cameras that he didn’t like the way she looked at him, joking that he didn’t want her to put a spell on him.

It’s quite possible that producers gave her a picture of Kamil to throw in the firepit. Her sitting near the fire watching the picture burn is the only thing that she did that could be linked to any form of witchcraft.

With that said, production may have given her the picture to add dramatics to the show. Where else would she get a picture of Kamil to burn?

So, to answer the question — is she a witch? No, there’s nothing on Bachelor In Paradise that even hints she’s a witch.

When Shushanna Mkrtychyan learned that people were saying she was a witch, she broke down crying, hinting that it was a horrible label to get simply because she was determined to make Kamil like her.

While witch isn’t an appropriate label, she did seem a bit desperate and irrational, as she was unable to accept the fact that Kamil wanted to make it work with Annaliese over her.

Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight on ABC with the finale episode starting at 8/7c.

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