Should Biniyam’s jealousy be a major red flag to Ariela on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

Biniyam came across as jealous during Sunday’s episode, and it could raise red flags. Pic credit: TLC

Biniyam Shibre let the green-eyed monster sneak out during the recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, causing fans to worry for Ariela Weinberg. Even though the mother of one gushed over the attention, it felt as if Biniyam went a bit overboard. 

While it may not be customary for Ethiopians to have visits from their exes, Ariela made it clear that her ex-husband Leandro wasn’t being discarded from her life.  

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers watched as Biniyam berated Ariela for her outfit of choice and showed concern. Ariela was sporting a tight leopard dress with a matching leather jacket, but all Biniyam could muster saying was, “It’s not too much? What you’re wearing?”

Biniyam Shibre fears Ariela Weinberg will cheat

The Princeton, New Jersey native stood firm by her cute outfit choice, telling confessional cameras, “Leandro and I met when I was living in Argentina when I was 19 years old. We were married for, like, 10 years.”

The couple got a divorce because Ariela decided she was not yet done with traveling the world. 

Ariela told TLC cameras, “I was immature, and I was trying to find myself, but I always planned to have Leandro in my life, and up until I met Biniyam, I thought eventually we would get back together.”

There was tension in the air on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

It seems that Biniyam has picked up on the former couple’s vibes and is none too pleased with the friendship. Ariela tried her best to satiate Biniyam’s fears but instead failed. 

Biniyam and Ariela don’t see eye to eye about her ex-husband coming to visit. Pic credit: TLC

It was Biniyam’s turn to talk to the cameras, insisting he was not jealous. The TLC personality went on to say, “Her clothes look different today. She’s wearing a skirt, and she’s wearing heels, things she doesn’t do often. I don’t like that Ari is running around for him.” 

The nail in the coffin for Biniyam was when he noticed at the nail salon that Ariela wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, forcing him to ask, “You don’t wear it to the nail salon or for Leandro?” 

Biniyam’s passive-aggressive attitude didn’t sit well with Ariela and should be a major red flag for the Jersey girl. Even though it may not be normal for ex-spouses to visit in his culture, it is normal for his fiancee. 

Ariela is already extremely lonely. Quite possibly, Biniyam could see her desire for a connection and worry that she may find solace in the arms of Leandro. 

90 Day Fiance fans speak out about Ariela and Biniyam

Biniyam’s jealousy and Ariela’s obvious feelings for her ex were not lost on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers. Some even thought that Ariela may have been trying to make Biniyam feel a bit jealous on purpose.

After all, she has been lonely in Ethiopia and wasn’t shy about saying as much. The 90 Day Fiance star has talked about how isolating it can be to live in Africa, away from all of her own friends and family.

But there may be another layer to Ariela’s decision to have Leandro come visit. We haven’t forgotten about that time that Biniyam played the “butt bongos” on his ex-girlfriend and dance partner while Ari and her mom watched.

And we’ve already learned that, despite Ariela’s parents funding their more comfortable lifestyle and Biniyam not even working, he’s still going out until all hours of the night to “work” in the studio, leaving Ariela alone at home with the baby and the nanny.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

NOOOOOO! Her actions should be a MAJOR RED FLAG, to Bini! This GIRL (I say that because, she is acting worse than her normal whining, entitled, spoiled rich girl self, by acting like a giddy little school girl) needs to grow up and be put in check! She is totally disrespectful to Bini and ALL women WORLDWIDE. Not only is this NOT NORMAL for Americans, this is NOT the “American Way.” Someone, please tell Bini and his family, that this isn’t normal in our country, and normal women don’t act this way with an EX, around their current husband, finance or BF! They may say they are still “friends” but this girl is taking it to a new level. After seeing this guy, BINI YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS ABOUT, the ex is nothing exceptional, to bring home to Mama! Oh yeah, she needs to LOSE those hideous piggy tails…they make her look as immature as she’s acting!