Shocking revelations from Amber Portwood’s book: Hidden pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood had a very colorful past that she detailed in her book. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Amber Portwood detailed some shocking revelations about her past in her book, So, You’re Crazy Too?

Amber’s colorful past is no secret to Teen Mom OG fans who watched the 31-year-old reality TV star struggle with drug addiction, domestic abuse, and child custody issues.

She recently shared she released her book and told her Instagram followers, “Thank you for all of your amazing support everyone! I wouldn’t have been brave enough to share my deepest secrets if it wasn’t for all the inspiring stories I read daily!!”

“I hope my book can help and maybe even entertain some people at times lol ? I poured my soul in this book..this is my story..and I can’t wait to hear all of your feedback! I am truly blessed to have such amamzing fans..supporters and warriors ? by my side!! ?”

Now that the book has been released, snippets of it have been shared with the public.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup recently shared some of Amber’s shocking revelations that included pregnancies she kept hidden, an abortion, and multiple sexual partners.

Amber's message to followers.
Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

TMFR star Amber Portwood once got pregnant by a heroin addict

According to the outlet, Amber shared that during a break from her then-boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley, she unintentionally got pregnant by a heroin addict who she was spending a lot of her time with.

“When my ex [Gary] and I had broken up for a while because the fighting was so bad, I was hanging out with a heroin addict and I accidentally got pregnant,” Amber’s book reads.

She wrote of contemplating and going through with an abortion, “Not being able to handle something and having to terminate a life were worlds apart for me. I finally had an abortion, however it was devastating to me. Again, I do not know why I made the decisions I made during this time in my life.”

At the time of her unplanned pregnancy, Amber said she was battling opioid addiction. “I was on drugs and I didn’t know what I was doing half the time.”

Later, Amber shared that she cried when she learned the heroin addict who impregnated her had passed away, noting she felt a connection with him since they conceived a child together.

Amber’s other hidden pregnancy, miscarriage, over 40 sexual partners

That wasn’t Amber’s only hidden pregnancy, however. She also dated a guy after being released from prison in 2013 and their relationship resulted in yet another pregnancy which ended in miscarriage.

In another chapter, Amber opened up about her more-than-40 sexual partners, including men and women. “I have had sex in my short 30 years of life with over 40 men and some women,” Amber wrote.”

When it comes to sex, Amber revealed that she requires a lot of it, and often, “When I am in a committed relationship, I like to have sex four or five times a day.”

Despite her strong sex drive, Amber credited it with landing her a spot on Teen Mom OG which has financially sustained her for the last 13 years.

“My love of sex landed me on a show about teen pregnancy that pays my bills to this day, so it’s hard to think of my desire for a lot of sex is a dirty secret to be kept locked up and not discussed,” Amber said. “But clearly I needed to learn – and I am still learning – that it is possible to have too much of a good thing (even a great thing like sex).”

Amid her new book release, it appears that Amber is taking steps to better herself. She attempted to reason with Farrah Abraham during an explosive altercation on Teen Mom Family Reunion.

She’s also been spending more time with her daughter Leah, her ex Gary Shirley, and his wife Kristina, which came as a shocking but pleasant surprise to many TMFR fans.

The Season 1 finale of Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesday, March 1 at 8/7c on MTV.

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