Sheree Whitfield rekindles romance with prison bae Tyrone Gilliams after his early release from jail

OG Housewife Sheree Whitfield is back with her ex-boyfriend Tyrone after his release from prison
Sheree Whitfield has reunited with prison bae Tyrone Gilliams. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG Sheree Whitfield is currently off the market, and back with an old flame.

It turns out she has reunited with her former prison bae, Tyrone Gilliams who was recently released from prison.

Sheree opened up about her relationship with Tyrone during Season 10 of RHOA.

As a matter of fact, the couple was hot and heavy despite several negative comments about their romance.

Nonetheless, the RHOA star didn’t allow any of that to affect them and the couple even talked about getting married after Tyrone served his sentence.

However, the relationship ended after Tyrone lost his appeal for an early release.

But, things have taken a happy turn for the on-again couple, who have reunited amid the pandemic.

Sheree Whitfield is back with her prison bae

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has found love in quarantine.

As a matter of fact, she has the coronavirus pandemic to thank for her boyfriend’s early release from prison.

According to TMZ, Tyrone is officially a free man due to the spread of the disease in prison.

Last week, Tyrone was released from a prison in Kentucky where he was serving out his sentence.

And it seems the first thing Tyrone did was seek out his old flame Sheree because they are allegedly an item once again.

The couple has reportedly been spending most of their time together in Philadelphia and the RHOA star has been helping Tyrone get back to normal life.

Furthermore, it seems marriage is on the table once again, although Tyrone told the media outlet that it won’t be anytime soon.

Sheree Whitfield had plans to marry Tyrone Gilliams

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star was once very hot and heavy with a then locked up Tyrone.

But she was hopeful about their future and even shared her desire to marry him someday.

During an interview from 2018 when the couple was still together the Bravo alum dished about their future plans.

“I definitely see myself getting married again in the future. I love the institution of marriage a lot. I really feel like Tyrone may be the one,” confessed Sheree. “I know this man. I trust this man. I can talk to him about anything. “

She continued to gush about her then-boyfriend adding, “He respects me and loves me unconditionally and me with him. I just feel like he’s my best friend. I feel like he’s my soulmate and what we have, these feelings weren’t just built on a physical relationship. We’ve gotten to know each other on a more emotional and mental level.”

And now it seems as if the former Atlanta Housewife might actually get her happily ever after.

Do you think Sheree and Tyrone will eventually tie the knot?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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