Shayne Jansen taking a social media break following recent live video scandal

Shayne Jansen IG selfie March 2022
Shayne is taking some time away from social media. Pic credit: @shaynejansen/Instagram

Netflix reality TV star Shayne Jansen is stepping away from social media for a while.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Shayne’s fans and critics showed concern for him following a live video in which his behavior was erratic.

In the video, Shayne spoke quickly as he fidgeted, clenched his jaws, stuttered, and appeared to be unable to control his jerky motions at times.

Many of Shayne’s supporters called for an intervention for the Love Is Blind star, and others accused him of using crystal meth.

Amid all of the chatter, confusion, and concern online, Shayne took to his Instagram Story to send a message to his fans, followers, and critics.

Shortly after his video went viral, the Perfect Match star drafted a message to his 661,000 followers.

Love Is Blind star Shayne Jansen announces social media hiatus

Set to the tune Tiny Dancer by Elton John and amid a pink background, Shayne wrote, “Everyone Loves A Scandal -Shayne Jansen.”

“Ill see y’all next week or month ?❤,” he added at the bottom of the image.

shayne jansen tells his instagram followers he's taking a break in his stories
Shayne announced a social media break amid accusations he’s on drugs. Pic credit: @shaynejansen/Instagram

While many of Shayne’s fans showed their support and concern on TikTok, others took to his Instagram feed to send a message. Several urged him to acknowledge his video and continued to encourage him to seek help in the comments section of a recent post.

Shayne’s supporters continue to urge him to seek help

“Shayne! What was up with that last insta live, are you going to acknowledge that?” wrote one concerned follower.

Another penned, “Shayne, PLEASE get help. It breaks my heart to see anyone struggle, and I just want you to know that it is okay to need help. It does not make you weak, it does the opposite; it builds you up. Everything you are dealing with is human. You deserve better shayne, and I hope you realize that ?”

shayne jansen's instagram followers comment on a recent post of his
Shayne’s Instagram followers continue to urge him to seek help and explain his recent video. Pic credit: @shaynejansen/Instagram

Shayne has faced his fair share of criticism since becoming famous for his time on Love Is Blind and Perfect Match. Critics have accused him of using cocaine — something he denied while filming — and being a bit unhinged.

In fact, Shayne’s Perfect Match co-star, Francesca Farago, went on a podcast recently and referred to Shayne as “crazy” and “nuts.” Shayne shared a clip of Francesca making the remarks (in the second slide of the post seen below) and, along with a shirtless photo of himself, poked fun at the criticism.

“Busey-Carey-Shayne Jansen,” he captioned the post, adding, “Crazy, Nuts Seductive,Irresistible (She forgot 2).”

Despite claiming that he didn’t use cocaine during his time on the show — instead, he blamed his jittery antics on his ADHD and copious amounts of caffeine — he did admit to using drugs in the past.

During his appearance on The Viall Files podcast in 2022, Shayne said, “Have I [used drugs]? Yes. On the show, I did not.”

Shayne first shot to fame during Season 2 of Netflix’s wildly popular dating reality show, Love Is Blind. He met and fell in love with Natalie Lee sight unseen, and they got engaged in the pods.

However, things ended at the altar when Natalie chose to say “I don’t” rather than “I do.”

During his time on Perfect Match, another Netflix dating show, he partnered with Chloe Veitch. That relationship fizzled out too, and Shayne and Chloe went their separate ways after the show.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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