Shawn Booth polls his fans for their best pickup lines and now he’s ready to hit the singles’ scene

Shawn Booth
Shawn Booth polls his fans for pickup lines. Pic credit: @shawn_booth18/Instagram

Shawn Booth, Bachelor Nation alum, recently asked his fans for help on picking up a woman.

It looks like Shawn is ready to head out into the dating pool and try to find his person. It’s hard to believe, looking at Shawn, that he needs help finding a woman to date, but ok, Shawn, we’ll play.

On his Instagram, he posted three photos of himself, belly-up at a bar, with a short glass of whiskey or bourbon in his hand. He can be seen smiling in all three photos, and it looks like he might be talking to the bartender as well in one of them.

Shawn Booth asks his fans for help

He wrote to fans on his Instagram alongside the photos, “Pickup lines at the bar. Wrong answers only…Best answer wins.”

Did he mean best answer wins, or worst answer wins? Because there are some cringeworthy options in the comment section.

One fan wrote: “if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.”

Another responded to Shawn’s poll with: “Can I smell your hair?”

Obviously, Shawn had already heard this one because he responded with the answer, “Comb on over and get a whiff.”

comments on shawn booth's instagram post
Comments from Shawn’s fans on possible pickup lines. Pic credit: @shawn_booth18/Instagram

While there were others, hopefully, Shawn can find one that works for him…or not. Because let’s be honest, pickup lines are good for a laugh, but they don’t really work. Right?

What happened with Shawn and Kaitlyn?

Shawn was the winner of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette, Season 11, after the men chose Kaitlyn to be their leading woman instead of Britt Nilsson.

He proposed to Kaitlyn in the last episode, but ultimately they never set a wedding date, and eventually, they broke off their engagement.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is now engaged to another Bachelor Nation alum, Jason Tartick.

Looking ahead

Here’s to hoping that Shawn doesn’t try any of the fans’ options to his poll, but that he does soon find that one special someone…maybe just in time for Valentine’s Day.

But as February 14 edges closer, and if Shawn Booth still doesn’t have a girlfriend by then, maybe he can post a poll again…this time for Valentine’s pick-up line ideas.

The Bachelor airs Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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