Shaun Robinson criticized for Tell All hosting, 90 Day Fiance fans want someone to ask the tough questions

90 Day Fiance Tell All host Shaun Robinson
Many 90 Day Fiance viewers are asking for a new Tell All host. Pic credit: TLC

Shaun Robinson is the longtime host for the 90 Day Fiance Tell Alls, but after the first part of The Other Way Tell All, TLC viewers wish she could be replaced.

Many fans of the show want someone who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. And after watching Shaun in action on the latest Tell All, several people spoke out in frustration because there’s just so much left unanswered that 90 Day Fiance viewers want to know.

Rather than asking the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples questions that viewers have about their relationships, many commented on how Shaun Robinson seemed to be pitting the couples against each other.

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Others complained that she was back again and that there were many other, better choices to host the show — choices that would get to the bottom of some of the most dramatic relationships, like Laura and Aladin and Corey and Evelin.

Instead, she had Tiffany feuding with Corey and Evelin while no one was put on the spot.

When it comes to who the 90 Day Fiance viewers want to host the Tell Alls, there were several suggestions. One of the most popular was Andy Cohen of Bravo fame.

He is known for asking some of the hardest questions, and since he can handle the ladies of the Real Housewives’ franchise, he can certainly handle anyone who graces 90 Day Fiance, right?

Some even pointed out that the commentary and the questions coming from Pillow Talk have been better than what Shaun Robinson is doing. Anyone want a Tell All hosted by Tarik and Dean?

There were even calls for 90 Day Fiance superfan Chrissy Teigen to take over hosting duties. That would be incredible!

There are a lot of people ready to move on from Shaun Robinson as the Tell All host. But to be fair, there were also a few singing her praises too.

The bottom line is, no matter who is hosting the 90 Day Fiance Tell Alls, we’re all still tuning in.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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